18 November 2010

head pins, swarovskis, and earrings

I made these head pins for some earrings recently. They're about 3in/7cm long. They are easy to make and cheaper than buying head pins. Just buy 20 gauge silver wire, set the ends on fire (FIRE! FIRE! recollections of Beavis and Buthead come to mind...), actually, you melt the ends until you get the right pin size for you, then move on to the next wire. 

sometimes they get a little dented, which happens when working with soft wire. Just take your rawhide mallet and smooth out the dents.

(smoothing out the wire to come...) I have some beautiful Swarovski crystals that I strung on the wire. I have a blouse I'm wearing to work that matches the ones in the foreground. I need to find some blue and green to match the ones in the background.

There is not enough natural light this morning to take a picture of the finished product, so I'll post that later. Needless to say, they look FAB - U - LOUS!

Hope you look beautiful today too!