31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is always so much fun! I wish it wasn't on a sunday this year. It's soooo much better on the weekend, natch. In honor of Halloween, I found some cool things on Etsy:

mini witch hat from First Sight Creations

 Eye See You - Ultimate Evil Eye Protection - Blue and Pearl - Carnivale Mystickal by PersephonePlus.  Very cool!

Halloween Kitty Plush Black Cat by Feral Children
How cute 'ems!

Witch and Black Cat plus Bat soldered charm by Simple Subtleties

Gothic Spider ring by Jenifers Family Jewels

and last, but certainly not least, and I give this one props for originality, a Skull Rosary by Concetta Williams. I NEVER saw one of these in Catholic school. EVER. 

Happy Halloween! Be safe!