18 September 2010

busy busy dead tired day

So today I undertook the task of cleaning up the front yard. When I moved in here, some 13 years ago, I xeriscaped the front yard. I had big big plans on using native, drought tolerant plants so that I wouldn't have to mow, and my yard would look like a beautiful flowering garden where butterflies and bees could come and play.

 It is that, for the most part.

The hurricanes of 2004 brought some funky plants to live in my yard that I have never seen before. Every now & then I'll look and see something new. I think to myself, "huh. that wasn't there before". If it looks like a cool plant, I let it stay. If it's a weed or something strange, I take it out. 

with school this past year, and life in general, I did not have much time to do my yearly routine landscape maintenance. Needless to say, it's looking overgrown. I also made the mistake of taking out some ferns, and now there is grass there. Grass! dreaded evil grass! 

I was outside from 7a - 2p today weeding and pulling and trimming and cutting and replanting stuff. Luckily the hurricanes that are out in the atlantic, far out in the atlantic, sent us many lovely cool breezes today, so I didn't sweat to death working outside. It's amazing how those things so far away affect our weather here. thank you hurricanes for nice weather today. 

I took a 3 hour nap when I was done. (after I showered, of course.) 

now it is way past my bedtime but I am not so tired. My body aches, natch, but not so sleepy. I am going to bed nevertheless as I am not much of night owl anymore.