27 December 2010

chrysoprase and pink

I never dreamed that this would be a good color combination, but it turned out pretty good. I pleasantly surprised myself! 
I like the pink beads, but I don't have much to go with it, and I have this chrysoprase wire from Softflexcompany, so I threw it together on my desk to see what would happen. I have a bunch of these pretty butterfly beads in different colors, and I happened to have some that matched the chrysoprase! yay! I made an eyeglass chain out of this. What's nice about the colored wire is that I can leave it exposed on part of the chain and it looks pretty. I think hiding the working wire can be challenging and it's nice not to worry about it with colored wire. It lends itself to being part of the project, something different, and a nice addition. 

finished product, not so good picture
I'll post a better picture later, but I was so excited at how the chain came out, I had to try one on my desk. 


Softflexgirl said...

The right tone of green and pink definitely make a great combo, as you witnessed here. It's fun to try out new colors together. It can make for a really unique design.

graygirlstudios said...

you're right Sara. I never would have initially thought to put those together, but they look great! thanks!