21 November 2010

whatcha makin' now?

Here's an up close and personal shot of the blue and green earrings I was working on earlier this week. These are hanging from my overhead light and I am happily amazed that this shot turned out so well. It gives a bright color to the green, I really like it. 

Some forest and champagne colored swarovskis for this pair. It's not really dark enough to call it emerald, so I call it forest. I like the outdoors anyway, so we'll run with it. So to speak...

Here's amber and forest swarovskis. You can see them in the background of the above photo. I'm taking these tight shots like Lori talked about so you don't see the rest of the mess on my workbench. 

I actually rained here today. We haven't had rain in over a month, so it was really nice to get rain. Just a sprinkle really, but who cares? It was (free) water from the sky to help my plants grow! I say go for it! And since it was raining, I did NOT have sufficient light to take decent pictures of the finished products. (I also had to clean them to look pretty for the pictures, but let's go with the former excuse, shall we?) 

So, how about you? whatcha makin' now?

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