22 November 2010

tools of the trade

I like tools. Love tools actually. For a girl, I am a tool fiend. I guess I really shouldn't say that as girls can be tool fiends too, just like guys, but it can be something that is out of the ordinary.

But I digress...

So in working on my FAB - o new swarovski earrings over the weekend, I realize that there are some plier marks on the silver which really takes away from the beauty of the earring, wouldn't you say? So I take to sanding said tool marks off. I use above tool, as it is soft enough work with and rough enough to take off said marks without destroying silver or putting a hole through it. But the problem, is, even after cleaning, it doesn't leave a decent shine. Not like it out of the box, of course, but more like a dull shine. 

I'll need to find something else. There is always another way. 

I'm go through my 2 boxes of polishing wheels to see which ones I really like and work best. Whatever doesn't work for me I'll either give away or try to sell, if there is enough to make it worthwhile to sell. I'll post this weekend and let you know. I hope they can find good homes somewhere!

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