28 November 2010

polishing kits for sale

Hey kids! I went through my polishing kits and it seems like I didn't use that many, so I thought I'd try to sell them. These are pre-owned (as they say now. It's so un-market friendly to say 'used' anymore, but I digress...), but I didn't put any of the 'pre-owned' ones in there, meaning these are all new pieces in the box, nothing used was put back. There are 2 mandrels per box, so you don't have to buy mandrels for the polishing wheels. 

whole box

inside of box

whole box

inside of box

Thanks for looking. Feel free to pass along this info to anyone you think may be interested. It will really help a girl out. For more info, you can check out the listing here

pretty pictures

So I decided to take my photography skills outside today, as it is soooooo beautiful today, and snap some new pics of the earrings I finished up this week.

My front yard is xeriscaped, so I took to hanging these on a large lantana limb, just to see what it looked like. Not bad, if I do say so myself. I snapped others from the lantana limb too...

I am off to outside yoga! yay! such a nice way to end a relaxing weekend!

25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I made lasagna for thanksgiving this year as it is easy and I thought we'd have more people over. Nevertheless, it came down to me, my beloved, and our friend Chris. That's fine, we had a good time and I am thankful that we got to spend time together. I'm thankful that we have hammocks to nap in after a pasta feast, and that the weather has cooperated and been so beautiful that we can nap outside without rain, or heat, or humidity, or even swarms of mosquitoes. 

I'm thankful for my kitten girls who keep the yard rodent free and bring such joy to our lives.

I'm thankful for my 3-legged kitten boy who comes home to us every morning after terrorizing the other neighborhood critters.

I'm thankful that my big old dog is still here with us, being pitiful and sweet and loving and protecting us. 

I could go on and on and on, you know, but I'll close here by saying "take a nap!"

22 November 2010

tools of the trade

I like tools. Love tools actually. For a girl, I am a tool fiend. I guess I really shouldn't say that as girls can be tool fiends too, just like guys, but it can be something that is out of the ordinary.

But I digress...

So in working on my FAB - o new swarovski earrings over the weekend, I realize that there are some plier marks on the silver which really takes away from the beauty of the earring, wouldn't you say? So I take to sanding said tool marks off. I use above tool, as it is soft enough work with and rough enough to take off said marks without destroying silver or putting a hole through it. But the problem, is, even after cleaning, it doesn't leave a decent shine. Not like it out of the box, of course, but more like a dull shine. 

I'll need to find something else. There is always another way. 

I'm go through my 2 boxes of polishing wheels to see which ones I really like and work best. Whatever doesn't work for me I'll either give away or try to sell, if there is enough to make it worthwhile to sell. I'll post this weekend and let you know. I hope they can find good homes somewhere!

21 November 2010

whatcha makin' now?

Here's an up close and personal shot of the blue and green earrings I was working on earlier this week. These are hanging from my overhead light and I am happily amazed that this shot turned out so well. It gives a bright color to the green, I really like it. 

Some forest and champagne colored swarovskis for this pair. It's not really dark enough to call it emerald, so I call it forest. I like the outdoors anyway, so we'll run with it. So to speak...

Here's amber and forest swarovskis. You can see them in the background of the above photo. I'm taking these tight shots like Lori talked about so you don't see the rest of the mess on my workbench. 

I actually rained here today. We haven't had rain in over a month, so it was really nice to get rain. Just a sprinkle really, but who cares? It was (free) water from the sky to help my plants grow! I say go for it! And since it was raining, I did NOT have sufficient light to take decent pictures of the finished products. (I also had to clean them to look pretty for the pictures, but let's go with the former excuse, shall we?) 

So, how about you? whatcha makin' now?

19 November 2010

quote o' the day

I had never heard of Uta Hagen before this, and after reading her bio, I'd have to say her whole life was extraordinary. Maybe I'll be like her when I grow up. 

18 November 2010

head pins, swarovskis, and earrings

I made these head pins for some earrings recently. They're about 3in/7cm long. They are easy to make and cheaper than buying head pins. Just buy 20 gauge silver wire, set the ends on fire (FIRE! FIRE! recollections of Beavis and Buthead come to mind...), actually, you melt the ends until you get the right pin size for you, then move on to the next wire. 

sometimes they get a little dented, which happens when working with soft wire. Just take your rawhide mallet and smooth out the dents.

(smoothing out the wire to come...) I have some beautiful Swarovski crystals that I strung on the wire. I have a blouse I'm wearing to work that matches the ones in the foreground. I need to find some blue and green to match the ones in the background.

There is not enough natural light this morning to take a picture of the finished product, so I'll post that later. Needless to say, they look FAB - U - LOUS!

Hope you look beautiful today too!

17 November 2010

end of year time

This is Rogue. She lives with us, well, actually, she lets us live here, we just share the house with her. She and her sister, Wolfie, let us live here. Rogue is the prissy girl, but a tough ass prissy girl as she is the one that does most of the killing of rats around here. She is very soft, has beautiful color, and walks like a princess. She does, really. She likes to be looked at and adored, not so much touched and petted. Only petted when she says so, as most cats go. 

Wolfie on the other hand, is queenie of the house. She doesn't do much killing, although she has, I just don't think she likes to get her paws dirty too much. She, unlike her sister, LOVES to be petted. You start petting her and she goes into auto purr. No kidding. And it gets so loud too! Then if you dare take your hand away, she reaches for it. Yeah, she doesn't want you to stop petting her. She does run outside from time to time, and I have seen her climb a tree or two, so she is not totally devoid of animal instincts, she just thinks she's queen of the house. She really doesn't like her brother bothering her.

This is Moses. He's our foster turned adopted cat. You can tell from this picture that he only has 3 legs. He's missing his back right leg. He gets along just fine without it. He is one fast cat! He's a little over a year now and LOVES to be outside. He is always looking for lizards and squirrels and birds and rats. He's caught a rat too. I am very proud of him. He has come a long way since he has been with us. He is my baby boy. 

We are spooling down to the end of year here. This time of year I start to wind down, relax, and look forward to having some time off. I clean out the closets, the attic, start raking the leaves (since mowing season is over until June next year), brushing the kittens and dog, and clean out the psyche too. Getting rid of things that don't serve me, whether that's physical or mental. It's all good and I feel refreshed and ready for whatever the new year brings. 

16 November 2010

copper and brass dude, aka, having fun with stamps

I like to work with metals, and I like making lots of noise playing with my stamps to create new stuff, so I came up with this. Guys need jewelry too, and not the girly kind, so I thought this would be cool to wear. I filed the edges of the brass so it's rounded and won't impale scratch the person wearing it. 

Here's one that reads "friend". Because, you know, these could be the next 'silly bands' and guys will want to trade and collect them, and give them to their 'friend's as gifts, right? 

These have copper jump rings too, to hang it onto the cording, cotton this time, not hemp. Although I think hemp would be really cool too. Yeah, I'll make some with hemp.

14 November 2010

does anyone read?

I only ask that because I made these fishy bookmarks, with some very cool brown rubber cording, and then I thought, does anyone read books anymore?

I mean, so many people read on their phones, or ipods, or kindle, or whatever the newest thing is for reading, but not actually a paper book.

I like to read, I always have. I'm a geek like that and I'm not ashamed to say so. Nothing wrong with reading, as geeks rule the world, so there. I'm still going to ship these to The Artistic Hand to sell, and hope they all find good homes. 

11 November 2010

kitten pic of the day

This is Sunday (yes, that's his name). He's my brother and SIL's kitten. Have you EVER seen a cuter face?

07 November 2010

some groovy cool glasses

whilst shopping with the niece and nephew last week, we came across those cheapo magnifier glasses at a craft store. I just loved the colors and style of frame for these, and they are much sturdier than the others I currently have, plus, I just look so groovy cool wearing them, that I had to have them. Now Nate wants to get these glasses and put regular prescription lenses in them. Ok, I guess. Most frames are plastic now anyway...

I used Picnik to modify the picture. Neat program. check it out. 

06 November 2010

so in yoga today...

teacher talked about being committed. Committed to this pose, right here, right now, the hardest part is showing up, and staying and not walking out. Which reinforced my original post for today. Someone is trying to tell me something.....

I'm feeling rather pithy...

The weather has cooled down quite a bit here. Because of that I actually have had an opportunity to break out the teapot and had a cup of tea! Yogi tea has some good stuff and they put some words of wisdom/pithy stuff/quotes etc on the tea tags. I liked this one, especially the 'committed' part. We can all start projects, but how committed are we to completing them? I am guilty of doing that on so many occasions. Such a weenie I am about that. Terrible terrible. So I have this tea tag on my computer keyboard as a constant reminder to DO SOMETHING. And you all here to chide me if I don't, right? Please? It would really help me out.