24 October 2010

whatcha makin' now?

Rogue in the bench
I wasn't working at the bench today, just some bead work. I've been working on some key chains lately. I have a thing for keychains. Not like I need anymore, I have so many that I have collected from my travels I keep them in tins in the closet and bring them out to change up every once in awhile. 

I found these charms at Michael's some time ago and thought they were fun/ny, so I went to work.

 I went with a yellow focal bead with a floral print and found some accent beads. I decided on gold tone crimp beads.

I wanted to double the beading wire, for more strength, so I looped it through a small split ring and ran it back through the crimping bead. (pay no attention to the unmanicured nails)

I used wire from SoftFlexcompany in champagne. Since part of the wire will be visible, I wanted it to be pretty. They have some quality wire in a wide range of beautiful colors. check them out

crimping away!

stringing all the pieces together...

once strung together, I ran the wire through a crimp bead, through the charm, and back through the beads for strength, just like at the beginning. 

crimping on the other end to finish it off

VOILA! A fabulous fancy new key chain!

How about you? whatcha makin' now?


Lori said...

Cute! What a great idea!!! I love the kitty.

What am I making? I'm busting my buns trying to make bags and unfortunately when I try to go fast I usually curse myself and go slow. Anyway, going to visit my mom next week, so I'm trying to get ahead. Kind of an evil oxymoron. Hey, you asked. :)

graygirlstudios said...

you so funny! I always enjoy reading you. good luck getting ahead, and have a safe journey/good time with mom.