11 October 2010

wedding day

So I wasn't too surprised when I saw on the news this morning that 2x the amount of people got married yesterday than on any other day, and all because of the date, 10-10-10. Here it was beautiful, cool, breezy, a little sun, but not too hot. A friend of mine got married yesterday morning at Lake Eola, a beautiful, famous lake in downtown Orlando. They have these really cool very old trees there, like this one pictured. The limbs come down to the ground and then grow back up again. There are a few trees like that around downtown and I think they are the neatest thing! If only those guys could talk and tell us all that they have seen! How the city has changed! What squirrels really do with all those nuts! What the swans really think of us....ah well... perhaps it is best just to dream...

dreaming it is a good week, where ever you are.

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