17 October 2010

a fabulously lazy day

Wolfie's feet
The weather, as I'm sure I've said before, has been most beauti - mous lately and I took advantage of the extra energy it inspired and did some stuff this weekend. And when I say stuff, I mean work around the house, as well as jewelry stuff. This weather makes so many of us active. It's like the pressure of the summer is gone and now we can go outside again and be human. 

I opened all the windows in the house. I hung some laundry. I took Scotty to the Lake Eola farmers market and bought veggies. We walked around the lake. Got a little tired, then went to Dickson Azalea park to cool off and chase fishes. No fishes caught, (good thing for the fishes), but I tell Scotty that we'll starve if he doesn't catch us dinner. He doesn't listen. 

I go to the store and catch myself a good deal on needed breakfast items, as well as dinner for the human folk, and head on home. 

rested in the hammock with my beloved. 

and still had time during the day to make all this stuff!

a myriad of colorful keychains with some colorful ladies
at the top of this post you see Wolfie's feet guarding the ladies. She's such a good girl. I thought these charms were so funny, and charming (no pun intended, really), and they were on sale, so I HAD to have them. It's been fun putting them together. Bright shiny objects, kitschy charms....gotta love it.  

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