14 October 2010

the awesomeness that is Scotty

This is my boy Scotty. I've talked about him before here. But I have not shared any pics or video of him as of late, and of course, I do not wish to deprive anyone of the charm and awesomeness that is Scotty. So here you go:

Here we're at a local lake, which is kind of silly to say since Florida used to be an ancient sea bed, I should more likely say, we live on a local piece of land that was fortunate to be sturdy enough for us to live on and Scotty is in Florida - whew! - chasing some water birds. Not a great video. it was taken with my camera. I'll find a better one Nate has on his iphone. (I HAVE to get one of those, they are so cool!)
doggie yoga twist. he's such a good student!
an old photo from 2005 with me, Scotty, and my old girl Gretel at another piece of Florida and we are on a fortunate piece of land. She died in 2006.

Feeling nostalgic and had to share. How about you? any nostalgic pictures to share? Words of wisdom? useless trivia only meant for jeopardy shows? 

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