31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is always so much fun! I wish it wasn't on a sunday this year. It's soooo much better on the weekend, natch. In honor of Halloween, I found some cool things on Etsy:

mini witch hat from First Sight Creations

 Eye See You - Ultimate Evil Eye Protection - Blue and Pearl - Carnivale Mystickal by PersephonePlus.  Very cool!

Halloween Kitty Plush Black Cat by Feral Children
How cute 'ems!

Witch and Black Cat plus Bat soldered charm by Simple Subtleties

Gothic Spider ring by Jenifers Family Jewels

and last, but certainly not least, and I give this one props for originality, a Skull Rosary by Concetta Williams. I NEVER saw one of these in Catholic school. EVER. 

Happy Halloween! Be safe!

24 October 2010

whatcha makin' now?

Rogue in the bench
I wasn't working at the bench today, just some bead work. I've been working on some key chains lately. I have a thing for keychains. Not like I need anymore, I have so many that I have collected from my travels I keep them in tins in the closet and bring them out to change up every once in awhile. 

I found these charms at Michael's some time ago and thought they were fun/ny, so I went to work.

 I went with a yellow focal bead with a floral print and found some accent beads. I decided on gold tone crimp beads.

I wanted to double the beading wire, for more strength, so I looped it through a small split ring and ran it back through the crimping bead. (pay no attention to the unmanicured nails)

I used wire from SoftFlexcompany in champagne. Since part of the wire will be visible, I wanted it to be pretty. They have some quality wire in a wide range of beautiful colors. check them out

crimping away!

stringing all the pieces together...

once strung together, I ran the wire through a crimp bead, through the charm, and back through the beads for strength, just like at the beginning. 

crimping on the other end to finish it off

VOILA! A fabulous fancy new key chain!

How about you? whatcha makin' now?

17 October 2010

a fabulously lazy day

Wolfie's feet
The weather, as I'm sure I've said before, has been most beauti - mous lately and I took advantage of the extra energy it inspired and did some stuff this weekend. And when I say stuff, I mean work around the house, as well as jewelry stuff. This weather makes so many of us active. It's like the pressure of the summer is gone and now we can go outside again and be human. 

I opened all the windows in the house. I hung some laundry. I took Scotty to the Lake Eola farmers market and bought veggies. We walked around the lake. Got a little tired, then went to Dickson Azalea park to cool off and chase fishes. No fishes caught, (good thing for the fishes), but I tell Scotty that we'll starve if he doesn't catch us dinner. He doesn't listen. 

I go to the store and catch myself a good deal on needed breakfast items, as well as dinner for the human folk, and head on home. 

rested in the hammock with my beloved. 

and still had time during the day to make all this stuff!

a myriad of colorful keychains with some colorful ladies
at the top of this post you see Wolfie's feet guarding the ladies. She's such a good girl. I thought these charms were so funny, and charming (no pun intended, really), and they were on sale, so I HAD to have them. It's been fun putting them together. Bright shiny objects, kitschy charms....gotta love it.  

16 October 2010

Art & Fine crafts market tonight!

Artistree Co-op is having an Arts & Fine crafts market tonight! This is the really cool local place that showcases - what else - local artists, and shares a building with Infusion Tea. I've been here, several times, and can totally vouch for the great tea, snacks, cakes, cookies, and handmade non-edible goods that they carry. Also located in one of the most tony parts of town. The weather has been most beauti - mous lately and it will do us all some good to get outside for a bit. 
Enjoy the weather, buy some handmade goods, both edible and non-edible, and have a good time. 

14 October 2010

the awesomeness that is Scotty

This is my boy Scotty. I've talked about him before here. But I have not shared any pics or video of him as of late, and of course, I do not wish to deprive anyone of the charm and awesomeness that is Scotty. So here you go:

Here we're at a local lake, which is kind of silly to say since Florida used to be an ancient sea bed, I should more likely say, we live on a local piece of land that was fortunate to be sturdy enough for us to live on and Scotty is in Florida - whew! - chasing some water birds. Not a great video. it was taken with my camera. I'll find a better one Nate has on his iphone. (I HAVE to get one of those, they are so cool!)
doggie yoga twist. he's such a good student!
an old photo from 2005 with me, Scotty, and my old girl Gretel at another piece of Florida and we are on a fortunate piece of land. She died in 2006.

Feeling nostalgic and had to share. How about you? any nostalgic pictures to share? Words of wisdom? useless trivia only meant for jeopardy shows? 

11 October 2010

wedding day

So I wasn't too surprised when I saw on the news this morning that 2x the amount of people got married yesterday than on any other day, and all because of the date, 10-10-10. Here it was beautiful, cool, breezy, a little sun, but not too hot. A friend of mine got married yesterday morning at Lake Eola, a beautiful, famous lake in downtown Orlando. They have these really cool very old trees there, like this one pictured. The limbs come down to the ground and then grow back up again. There are a few trees like that around downtown and I think they are the neatest thing! If only those guys could talk and tell us all that they have seen! How the city has changed! What squirrels really do with all those nuts! What the swans really think of us....ah well... perhaps it is best just to dream...

dreaming it is a good week, where ever you are.

08 October 2010

quote o' the day

This is so funny! and so great! that I had to make it extra large! go sunshine!


A really talented gal, Lori, over at waterstone is having a FAB - uloso giveaway! check out her cool stuff! she repurposes leather into some cool handbags, clutches, and ipod/iphone/smartphone cases too! I am in awe, and inspired as well. She's damn funny too.

what are you waiting for? check her out!

04 October 2010

mixing it up again

yeah, trying a simple background and I want a longer picture for a header, but I can't seem to get it just right. Anyone know how to get one that fits the whole page? I'm no HTML genius, but no dummy either. Help! anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller? thanks all!

03 October 2010

finally cooler weather!

I could hardly believe it myself when I woke up today and it was breezy and cool and hardly any humidity. We even had the windows open in the house today. We closed them for the evening and turned the air back on, but it was so nice to air out the house. 

Since we were celebrating nicer weather, it made me inspired to do a few things around here. Namely:
red jasper

regular jasper
I used some hemp cording for the necklace, and found some large hole beads that complemented it. Cool. I started work on a keyring but it didn't turn out quite the way I wanted, so I'm going to tweak it a bit before the unveiling. Stay tuned...

01 October 2010

Live music @ Infusion Tea/Artistree coop

Live music tonight @ Infusion Tea, which is directly next to and attached to Artistree Co-op, a really cool place for local artists to show their wares. Infusion Tea is a really cool place too with good tea and pastries and goodies and stuff. Under the Radar is performing starting @ 700p. The weather has been nice today! I can hardly believe it, we have some relief from the heat! I had the windows down driving around today it was so nice. Fall is here! Can I get an AMEN!