06 September 2010


I told Nate that where ever we move to, we have to live near water. I didn't mean that we had to live ON water, or a lake, or river, or stream, just be close enough by that I can go visit and enjoy the calm and serenity of water. I grew up down the street from a park that had part of the Cuyahoga River run through it. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. As a kid, we used to run through the river in our bare feet. We had to watch out for slippery rocks, but as kids we were invincible, right? The water was always cold, and so very clear. I never saw any fish, but we had fun trying to stop the river flow over bigger rocks. 
Cuyahoga River

Being in Florida, we get lots of rain. Today it rained off and on for most of the afternoon. I like to sit on the front porch and just watch the rain. I don't like the lightning so much, but the rain is fun. I went out and put in 3 plants while it was just sprinkling. Scotty tried to help; he dug some of the hole for one of the plants. When it starts to rain too much, he goes in. The hard rain drops hit his eyes and he just ends up blinking all the time. 

Rain is very cleansing, in a figurative and spiritual sense. The rain water washes away dirt, dust, grime; and has been used throughout millenia for baptisms and cleansing ceremonies. Seeing as I am off to a new start in life,  water is quite appropriate. Have 8 glasses a day to maintain good health. (just a tip).

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