12 September 2010

new ramblings, happy anniversary to me, and a tired dog

I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but I did not realize I had run out of propane and oxygen when it came time to do some soldering yesterday. Now, needless to say, (and I am really embarrassed to admit this), I have not worked on my bench for a good 8 months, due to school and what not, so I was not aware of the fact that my propane and oxygen tank were empty. Luckily, I have another propane tank, but I need to take the oxygen tank in to be filled, and they are closed today. (big surprise).
no, there wasn't any drool
I wanted to make my beloved something for our anniversary today, and I had a particular ring design in mind, but needless to say, without fire, I cannot do what I wanted to do. So I am making do by doing some cold work. Yep, I am piercing and filing and texturizing and drilling away today. I'll be doing some wire wrapping too on some doughnut hole beads I have. I've got some hemp cord I want to use too.
tired, happy dog
Scotty, like most of us sweltering here, is hot and tired. A hot, tired, happy dog he is. Maybe around 7p or so, I'll take him for a walk around the block. He seems to be limping on his front left, and back right, leg, so he's taking it easy. Of course, like a child, the aches and pains are relative. Should he see an errant cat around the neighborhood, or armadillo, he'll take off like a shot to protect his turf and check out what this foreigner is doing around here. It doesn't take long for him to wear out, then he's happy and sleepy the rest of the day. And for part of the next day too. That's my boy!

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