25 September 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

I realize it may seem a little vain to celebrate one's own birthday, but I say "pshaw! It's my birthday and I shall celebrate!" It's the one day throughout the year that is totally mine! (along with the millions of other people who's birthday is on the same day) It's my special day and I shall enjoy it! I shall not work! I shall sleep in! I shall eat food that is bad for me! I shall drink....a little. I may even take a nap. Ha ha! 
even if it's not your birthday today, I hope you are enjoying your day.

24 September 2010

kitten pic of the day

Rogue is such the prissy girl kitten. She's a prissy girl, but she's also the one that goes out and kills rats. And brings them to us. Dead. So, maybe she's more like a girly superhero, you know, the ones that are girly by day, but can kick your ass by night and still not smear her mascara? yeah, that's her. I'm proud of her. She's very proud of herself too, can't you tell?

22 September 2010

need oxygen!

Diana, a school mate, back in the day
I had so much fun playing with fire in jewelry school. I liked to watch things change shape and form and meld into something else. It's not like I just set anything on fire, I used fire for good, not evil. We made bracelets out of pennies that we printed before 1980, as they were pure copper, and I thought it was so cool to see the color of the pennies change, and to watch them get warm and flatten, as the solder flowed between them. When it gets cooler here, I'll take my tanks and pennies outside and make some more. I should have my oxygen tank filled by then...

18 September 2010

busy busy dead tired day

So today I undertook the task of cleaning up the front yard. When I moved in here, some 13 years ago, I xeriscaped the front yard. I had big big plans on using native, drought tolerant plants so that I wouldn't have to mow, and my yard would look like a beautiful flowering garden where butterflies and bees could come and play.

 It is that, for the most part.

The hurricanes of 2004 brought some funky plants to live in my yard that I have never seen before. Every now & then I'll look and see something new. I think to myself, "huh. that wasn't there before". If it looks like a cool plant, I let it stay. If it's a weed or something strange, I take it out. 

with school this past year, and life in general, I did not have much time to do my yearly routine landscape maintenance. Needless to say, it's looking overgrown. I also made the mistake of taking out some ferns, and now there is grass there. Grass! dreaded evil grass! 

I was outside from 7a - 2p today weeding and pulling and trimming and cutting and replanting stuff. Luckily the hurricanes that are out in the atlantic, far out in the atlantic, sent us many lovely cool breezes today, so I didn't sweat to death working outside. It's amazing how those things so far away affect our weather here. thank you hurricanes for nice weather today. 

I took a 3 hour nap when I was done. (after I showered, of course.) 

now it is way past my bedtime but I am not so tired. My body aches, natch, but not so sleepy. I am going to bed nevertheless as I am not much of night owl anymore.  

15 September 2010

hurricanes and breezes

scary hurricanes
 I am not thrilled with hurricanes. Anyone who was here and lived through the 2004 hurricanes will agree with me that these things are no fun. This picture is pretty intimidating, but I am glad of the outlook. They are forecasted not to come anywhere close to us! Yippee! The good thing about these guys, is that they are bringing a lot of breeze and cooler weather our way. It was actually tolerable outside yesterday evening! I didn't sweat at all standing still! It was a beautiful thing! I was told this will be with us all week! yay!

13 September 2010

yesterday update...

my piercing, filing, drilling and sanding did not go so well yesterday. You ever have those days where you have something planned in mind, and even the mess up doesn't look that good? You know, there are days when even what we mess up turns out pretty good, but yesterday was not one of those days. I was a bit discouraged. Oh well, this will not last forever and it just means that I need to move on to something else. I've been feeling a lot of that lately. Which puts me in mind to do something else that I've been wanting to do for quite awhile, but haven't got up the nerve to do. But I am feeling brave, and I always like a challenge, so stay tuned for more info on that. 
have a great monday!
pretty garden flowers to brighten the day

12 September 2010

new ramblings, happy anniversary to me, and a tired dog

I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but I did not realize I had run out of propane and oxygen when it came time to do some soldering yesterday. Now, needless to say, (and I am really embarrassed to admit this), I have not worked on my bench for a good 8 months, due to school and what not, so I was not aware of the fact that my propane and oxygen tank were empty. Luckily, I have another propane tank, but I need to take the oxygen tank in to be filled, and they are closed today. (big surprise).
no, there wasn't any drool
I wanted to make my beloved something for our anniversary today, and I had a particular ring design in mind, but needless to say, without fire, I cannot do what I wanted to do. So I am making do by doing some cold work. Yep, I am piercing and filing and texturizing and drilling away today. I'll be doing some wire wrapping too on some doughnut hole beads I have. I've got some hemp cord I want to use too.
tired, happy dog
Scotty, like most of us sweltering here, is hot and tired. A hot, tired, happy dog he is. Maybe around 7p or so, I'll take him for a walk around the block. He seems to be limping on his front left, and back right, leg, so he's taking it easy. Of course, like a child, the aches and pains are relative. Should he see an errant cat around the neighborhood, or armadillo, he'll take off like a shot to protect his turf and check out what this foreigner is doing around here. It doesn't take long for him to wear out, then he's happy and sleepy the rest of the day. And for part of the next day too. That's my boy!

06 September 2010


I told Nate that where ever we move to, we have to live near water. I didn't mean that we had to live ON water, or a lake, or river, or stream, just be close enough by that I can go visit and enjoy the calm and serenity of water. I grew up down the street from a park that had part of the Cuyahoga River run through it. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. As a kid, we used to run through the river in our bare feet. We had to watch out for slippery rocks, but as kids we were invincible, right? The water was always cold, and so very clear. I never saw any fish, but we had fun trying to stop the river flow over bigger rocks. 
Cuyahoga River

Being in Florida, we get lots of rain. Today it rained off and on for most of the afternoon. I like to sit on the front porch and just watch the rain. I don't like the lightning so much, but the rain is fun. I went out and put in 3 plants while it was just sprinkling. Scotty tried to help; he dug some of the hole for one of the plants. When it starts to rain too much, he goes in. The hard rain drops hit his eyes and he just ends up blinking all the time. 

Rain is very cleansing, in a figurative and spiritual sense. The rain water washes away dirt, dust, grime; and has been used throughout millenia for baptisms and cleansing ceremonies. Seeing as I am off to a new start in life,  water is quite appropriate. Have 8 glasses a day to maintain good health. (just a tip).

Happy Labor Day

Take a break everyone! enjoy the day off! here is to all who labor, sweat, toil, and stress for a living. Congratulations on an extra day off. Do whatever you like today, enjoy the day. Because tomorrow will be here too soon. 
My beloved was working in the garden putting this cover over the plants. The bugs have been brutal this year, and the one container that already has this on it has been very successful. I told him to stop for today and take a break. It's too damn hot too. It's supposed to feel like 100 today. A great day to stay inside. 

02 September 2010

new article for SoftFlex company

I have a new article up for September's Spotlight on...at SoftFlex company. Kristen and Sara have been great to work with and I appreciate being able to write for them. thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the article. I am looking forward to the long weekend. Lots 'o fun plans for me! More on this later....