14 August 2010

Industrial stuff

As much as I like girly stuff, I am always drawn to the more masculine and industrial type stuff. I like washers, and rubber cording, and metal. All kinds of metal. Metal is just fun to work with. Libra is an air sign; nevertheless, I have always felt more of a pull toward the earth, and since metal comes from the earth, it makes sense to me. I guess I'm either flighty or in the dirt. I've never been much of an in-between type girl. Anyway...I got out my pliers and rubber cord and some cool washers I found at SkyCraft and went to work. This is what happened:
The metal washers are from my beloved, the colored ones from SkyCraft. They have some of the neatest stuff there if you are going for industrial. Thing is, I know what I'm looking for, so I go and get it. This store is SUCH a guy store and guys can take FOREVER in this store. It's like when men go with women to the mall, this is the same way, just the opposite in who has to wait forever to get out of there. I must have looked really bored one day, 'cuz a guy passed me and says "you have the same look my wife does when she comes here."  Then his wife says "I've suggested they get a sitting area for the wives, then they wouldn't be so bored. It would help with sales." The man says to Nate "you need to give her something to do. give her a job, like she needs to find something you're looking for, then she won't be so bored" The thing is, I wouldn't know what they hell to look for, even if he gave me a picture to go by. 

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