25 August 2010

restrung ID chain

A friend of mine at work needed her ID chain restrung. I didn't make the original, but was honored that she thought of me. She had one color scheme. Here's what I had to start with:
I don't have a whole lot of this color, but I did find some others to work with in my stash o' stuff:
I like different shapes and sizes, and found some complementary beads that worked out well. After a waving of the hands, abracadabrafoshizzlewhammy! and here you have it:
I like the focal bead. coolio.
I have yet to show it to her. I'll see her tomorrow. and OF COURSE, with a magnetic clasp. 

24 August 2010

work desk lighting

I know OttLite's are the bestest when trying for good natural light indoors, but I have yet to invest in one, so I thought I would go for a computer usb port generated LED light.
see? well, can you kinda see? It illuminates pretty well in a small area, and when not in use, I detach and hang it on my computer station. My beloved bought me this coolio monitor station at SkyCraft. It raises up and down, and I can make room under it for stuff too. see?
along with all my other junk, of course. 

23 August 2010

workdesk and washers

So I have cleared my desk of all textbooks, put them on the shelf for now, and have made room for jewelry stuff. Luckily, the kittens don't bother the jewelry stuff, of that I am very glad, because if they did, it wouldn't be all nice and neat and still on my desk at the end of the day. They usually only hang out on the desk with me when I'm working. Either sleeping or begging me to pet them. Then I get fur flying everywhere. 

21 August 2010

o-ring and washers

this metal piece looks like an o-ring, or something that you would use to pull a zipper. not quite sure what it is, so I call it an o-ring. I used some copper jump rings I cut to hang the colored washers from the o-ring. Rainbow colored hemp cord brings it all together. 

19 August 2010

more skycraft washers

Here's a cool little item made with many many colorful washers from SkyCraft
I like bright, bold, beautiful colors, but I always seem more drawn to the earthy tones.
see the browns, green, and yellow on the side? and the rough, torn edge of the middle rust colored one? cool huh?

17 August 2010

hubcaps and spokes

this one uses the hubcaps and a spoke metal item that my beloved got for me. Rubber cording, of course, and some large hole beads makes it a little colorful. 

15 August 2010


here's another rubber cord little ditty I made with some metal parts from my beloved and some jump rings I cut by hand. It's not easy cutting these things by hand, the ends of my fingers get sore and tired. So goes the life of a jeweler. 

14 August 2010

Industrial stuff

As much as I like girly stuff, I am always drawn to the more masculine and industrial type stuff. I like washers, and rubber cording, and metal. All kinds of metal. Metal is just fun to work with. Libra is an air sign; nevertheless, I have always felt more of a pull toward the earth, and since metal comes from the earth, it makes sense to me. I guess I'm either flighty or in the dirt. I've never been much of an in-between type girl. Anyway...I got out my pliers and rubber cord and some cool washers I found at SkyCraft and went to work. This is what happened:
The metal washers are from my beloved, the colored ones from SkyCraft. They have some of the neatest stuff there if you are going for industrial. Thing is, I know what I'm looking for, so I go and get it. This store is SUCH a guy store and guys can take FOREVER in this store. It's like when men go with women to the mall, this is the same way, just the opposite in who has to wait forever to get out of there. I must have looked really bored one day, 'cuz a guy passed me and says "you have the same look my wife does when she comes here."  Then his wife says "I've suggested they get a sitting area for the wives, then they wouldn't be so bored. It would help with sales." The man says to Nate "you need to give her something to do. give her a job, like she needs to find something you're looking for, then she won't be so bored" The thing is, I wouldn't know what they hell to look for, even if he gave me a picture to go by. 

07 August 2010

and yet ANOTHER great giveaway!

over at Lorelei's blog, she got some great new surprise stuff in the mail (shown above by Sharon of Moon Rae), and has decided to give these away! leave a comment on her blog and she'll draw a random name by next Saturday. 

wow, this is really cool. so many great giveaways. I haven't noticed this many in awhile. Although, to be fair, I haven't been online like this in awhile either, so this may be a regular occurrence, I just haven't noticed it until now. nevertheless, this is great! good luck everyone!

04 August 2010

another bead giveaway!

Over at Lori Anderson's Pretty Things blog you can win a goodie bag of lucite beads. She's also promoting her latest earring tutorial featured in BeadStyle Magazine. Post a comment, become a follower of hers, post to your blog, twitter, or Facebook for extra chances to win. Drawing is held on August 10th. 

03 August 2010

Happy Mango Beads beading contest!

Happy Mango Beads is having a beading contest! yes! All entries need to be received by midnight on Friday, August 6, so I better get busy! Go to their website for full contest details. They have several fun categories, ideas, and some good prizes too. I checked out some of their sale stuff, czech glass, and some recycled glass fishy beads!

01 August 2010

lots o' rain

If it wasn't so gray outside, I could take some great pictures of the other ID chains I've made. I am not really complaining, mind you, as we need the rain. It has been so hot here (90'sF/33C) that we need the rain to cool us off. This is a typical storm that we have here. It rains pretty big, then it stops after awhile. The thunder and lightning are always a big part of the show and I always pray that they don't hit any trees in my yard. So far, so good. It's made it so much nicer outside too. Much cooler and not so muggy and humid. I wouldn't mind rain more often. Hanging clothes outside on the line though becomes a logistical endeavor during the summer. Ah, the hazards of living in Florida.