25 July 2010

back in the swing of things

I've had my first relaxing weekend without any homework. It felt good to get back into regular life again. I know that may sound funny, to like doing the laundry, and organizing, and catching up on housework and the like, but I do enjoy it. I could really be a homesteader and be perfectly content.

Since I had no homework and could relax, we took Scotty to New Smyrna dunes park. There is a dog beach there. He had a good time running around jumping after the fish. There were some small fish close to the shore, and he bounced back and forth, running up and down the shoreline, trying to catch them. 
Scotty didn't know what to do with me since I've been here the whole time, and the kittens seem a bit confused as well. They think it's time to be fed all the time, since I'm here all the time. Silly kittens. Nate has been taking motorcycle training classes and he just started up the thing a minute ago in the backyard. Vroom vrooming it, if you will. Boys just seem to love those things. I have no desire to drive the thing, I'll just be the cute girl on the back of the bike. 

I had a coworker ask for an ID chain, so I've made up one so far:
I like to have at least 3 for someone to choose from, so they can pick the colors they like the best. I'll finish another one today, and one tomorrow, so I have a decent selection to show her. 

I've cleared off my desk of any school related material, I'm set to ship back my last book (for $83! woot! woot!), and I'm doing some more cleansing. It's all good. I'm starting to work on my next article for SoftFlexCompany, which will be out in September. 

20 July 2010

I did it!

so here I am, shaking hands and getting my degree. The degree is actually for show, the real one is to be mailed to me at a later date. I DID make full payment for my last class, and I have no outstanding debt that should preclude me from getting that piece of paper in a timely manner. 

It is a relief, and very exciting, to get this done. It's been 3.5 years in the making. I can hardly believe that it's been that long, but that time has gone by that quickly. I don't know how people can do this full time, and have a family, and work. It's a tough job for adults to go back to school and anyone that does it gets big props. Some of my best friends, and my beloved, were there as well. I'm glad they were all there. We all went to the house afterwards for food and drink and cake! It was a good day. 

04 July 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! Don't set yourself on fire and don't hold a lighted firework in your hand. Very important to stay out of emergency rooms today. Go eat some more potato salad and take a nap instead.