25 April 2010

new garden

In addition to the many other projects my beloved has going on around here, we decided to put in a some small raised garden beds. He fastened them all together and cleaned out the grass/weeds and put them in himself. I was very impressed!

His sister and her kids and dogs came over to help out. (We fed them as payment. the puppies too. Rex is the one in this picture.) They did a good job and the puppy only laid in one set of plants. No great harm came to the plants.

The soil is compost that the county lets you haul away free. You have to go to the landfill to get it, and shovel it yourself, but it's good stuff, and did I mention free? We don't have very good soil here in Florida to begin with, (my sister commented that she was surprised that anything grew in sand), so any little bit helps. And it's free. I'll keep you posted on the progress. I am hoping for some homegrown salad here in the near future.

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