30 April 2010

Artistree Co-op Mothers Day event!

This is one of my favorite places to go in town for local artists wares, and some good tea! Their latest event is for Mothers Day! Yay! And for this one they have free mimosas! I am there!

28 April 2010

finished garden pics

and here it is! All the cats have checked out the garden and we are watching them carefully to make sure they don't use it as a huge litter box. So far, we have been successful, but you never know what they do when we are not home. I am hoping they are being good and sleeping during the day, but you never know.
I am interested to see how it turns out! Wish us luck!

25 April 2010

new garden

In addition to the many other projects my beloved has going on around here, we decided to put in a some small raised garden beds. He fastened them all together and cleaned out the grass/weeds and put them in himself. I was very impressed!

His sister and her kids and dogs came over to help out. (We fed them as payment. the puppies too. Rex is the one in this picture.) They did a good job and the puppy only laid in one set of plants. No great harm came to the plants.

The soil is compost that the county lets you haul away free. You have to go to the landfill to get it, and shovel it yourself, but it's good stuff, and did I mention free? We don't have very good soil here in Florida to begin with, (my sister commented that she was surprised that anything grew in sand), so any little bit helps. And it's free. I'll keep you posted on the progress. I am hoping for some homegrown salad here in the near future.

24 April 2010

pretty flowers!

Look at the pretty flowers I got for Admin Assistant's day! Yay! (It was actually wednesday). I like the simplicity of the whole design. And boss man gave me the nicest card! what a guy! He's not a touchy feely mushy kind of guy, so I was truly touched and impressed by the compliments!

17 April 2010

Artistree Co-op artists reception tonight!

The Artistree Co-op is having an artists reception tonight at their place. Infusion Tea is right next door, actually part of the same attached building, which makes getting tea and snacks and cakes and stuff really easy. They are offering 10% discount on your entire purchase tonight, you get some free hors d'oeuvres and drinks, and some music to shop by as part of your entertainment evening. Sounds like a good time. 

12 April 2010

April is Stash Busting month!

In celebration of Earth Day, some crafties got together to do something to celebrate. They are making a pledge not to buy any new craft materials, tools, or supplies for the month of April. They are calling it the April Stash Bust! In order to urge others to do the same, they are hosting an April Stash Bust contest! Here's some details:

To enter, take the Stash Bust pledge to not buy any new materials, tools or supplies for the month of April. Place the awesome April Stash Bust badge (created by Liz at cosa verde) on your website or blog (found below). Create a project from your stash using only what you have on hand. Submit your finished project detailing the stash materials you used with a link to your finished project by Earth Day, April 22nd. A team of crack judges from x, x and x (to be revealed) will review the projects and choose a winner.

Submit your finished project detailing the stash materials you used with a link to your finished project by Earth Day, April 22nd to the April Stash Bust Flickr Group.

I really like this idea. If you've been reading for awhile, you know I'm big on recycling and reusing, and I think it's so fascinating, as well as a good brain exercise, to put stuff together from leftover stuff and have some beautiful stuff come out of it. I have lots of leftover stuff that I need to do something with...this project will really motivate me to get my homework and research papers done early, so's I can concentrate on a really cool contest in honor of Earth Day. Hmmm...the brain is working....

07 April 2010

a pound and a half bead giveaway!

Kelley, over @ Kelley's Bead studio, is giving away a pound and a half of beads people! Check out the pretty pictures of all the yummy beads she's giving away before Friday, April 9! This is some gorgeous stuff ladies and gents! An unbelieveable deal! I am almost speechless....wow....sooooo pretty....

04 April 2010

Soft Flex Beading Wire Giveaway

Still not too late to enter to win an Easter themed Soft Flex Beading Wire Variety Pack! You can enter by posting to your favorite social website, going to the blog and posting a comment here: Soft Flex Beading Wire Giveaway, follow @SoftFlexcompany on twitter, befriend Soft Flex wire on facebook, subscribe to the SoftFlexGirl youtube channel, there are a myriad of ways to enter! The winner will be announced tomorrow, April 5 around noon! good luck to all!