22 March 2010

jewelry arts contest

Whew! Kind of back into the swing of things. I spent my 2 week break from school getting stuff done around the house. Since the freezing temps we had here killed back a bunch of plants, I had a lot of landscaping to do. I started riding my bike to work again last week, and discovered (why now?) that the bike frame I have is too small for me. So my beloved and I went and bought me a new bike on Saturday. Same type of comfort ride, step through frame, just in a medium. Now biking shouldn't be as arduous for me as in the past.

Online school starts up today, and I'm taking neuroscience and history & systems of psychology. Yep, lots of reading. I've forewarned Nate already. Only 8 weeks of this, then another break. I truly miss being able to blog and work on jewelry so much during the time I am away and working on school, but I know this is temporary and worth it. So having said that....

Lapidary Journal is having their Jewelry Arts Award contest going on now. Deadline for entries is April 1, 2010. Check here for rules and entry form. There's some beautiful stuff here, and it's a big deal to be awarded. Good luck to all who enter!

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