27 March 2010

new background and repetitive pictures

yep, I changed up the background again. I don't why it's taken me so long to figure out 'blogger in draft'. duh. some neat changes, I like it.

and in looking over the new layout, I noticed that I posted almost the identical picture 2x in a row. It's the one showing Moses lying on a blue sarong. I am so pitiful for that cat. He's so sweet and lovable, and knowing his history, it's difficult not to feel great love for that kitten. Right now he's jumping at the sliding door for who knows what. He's probably seeing flying bugs and wants to get at them. He did catch a moth the other night. He's pretty quick for having 3 legs. He just needs to get over his fear of the doggie door.

22 March 2010

jewelry arts contest

Whew! Kind of back into the swing of things. I spent my 2 week break from school getting stuff done around the house. Since the freezing temps we had here killed back a bunch of plants, I had a lot of landscaping to do. I started riding my bike to work again last week, and discovered (why now?) that the bike frame I have is too small for me. So my beloved and I went and bought me a new bike on Saturday. Same type of comfort ride, step through frame, just in a medium. Now biking shouldn't be as arduous for me as in the past.

Online school starts up today, and I'm taking neuroscience and history & systems of psychology. Yep, lots of reading. I've forewarned Nate already. Only 8 weeks of this, then another break. I truly miss being able to blog and work on jewelry so much during the time I am away and working on school, but I know this is temporary and worth it. So having said that....

Lapidary Journal is having their Jewelry Arts Award contest going on now. Deadline for entries is April 1, 2010. Check here for rules and entry form. There's some beautiful stuff here, and it's a big deal to be awarded. Good luck to all who enter!

12 March 2010

change is good

Yep, I've changed up the background again. I just haven't found anything that I like well enough to end up keeping for a long time. I know if you all don't see the same background all the time, you might get confused as to where you are, and if this is the same place you were last time, but never fear! It is! Plus, change is good. Whether it's wanted/warranted or not. Of course, the change I put in to place is always more welcome than change that is thrust upon me, but I take it in stride, 'cuz there's not much else you can do. Just go with it.

you can find this magnet here

06 March 2010

rest and reflections...

I would love to do this all weekend....Moses has the right idea.

I have finished with both of my finals and I now have a glorious 2 week break from school! I have mad plans to get so much accomplished! (I even have a list!) and I have all good intentions of getting said list done, but we all know where the road of good intentions can sometimes go...

I am catching up on blog reading, as well as items around the house, and in doing so I came across some interesting posts that spoke to me. Lisa, over at Lucid Moon Studio, talks about budgeting her time. That lucky girl is only working part time now! And Andrew, over @ The writing and art of Andrew Thornton talks recently about his great expectations of life. I can feel both their pain. I've been whining about school so much lately that I haven't had time to do much of my laundry either, and I've always had grandiose ideas of myself and my life and what I was going to be when I grew up, and it is nothing like what's going on now. Not to say I'm disappointed, (I've accepted that I will never be a principal dancer with the Royal Danish Ballet, and it is the hardest part, I've come to terms with that), I've just realized that this is what life is, and everything I've done until now has brought me to where I am. And where I am now is only temporary, nothing is static in life, and I'll get to where ever it is I need to be at exactly the right time, when ever and where ever that is. It's difficult, though, not to be frustrated or anxious or antsy, for something else to happen, or happen sooner, or better, or faster, or just altogether differently. I remind myself of that often, when I feel like things aren't going my way.

All in all, things are good. My beloved is happy, Scotty and kittens are happy, we are not covered in snow and ice, and the weather is warming. We are healthy, every one.

Enjoy your day, where ever you are, and remember that is exactly where you are supposed to be right now.