06 February 2010

Lady Track Shack 5k

So today I am participating in the Lady Track Shack 5k. I'm not an avid runner, but this is a nice race through a beautiful part of town, and I try to do it every year. I always get a plant at the end of the race. The one I have from 2 years ago is on my desk at work. I'm interested to compare it to the starter plants they give you to see how much it's grown. Nate & Scotty will be there at the start and end for moral support (running is not easy for some of us!) so that will be nice. I pray for a warmer day. Most of the races we have around here are in spring, as summer is just too hot. Although Track Shack does have a 4th of July race. If I get a good pic of me finishing, I'll post it.

have a great weekend!

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