18 January 2010

back from the cold...

Yes, we are back from the cold, gray, overcast Ohio weather. (Yeah, I remember that now.) It was a nice visit and the wedding went off without a hitch. And if there was a hitch, no one knew about it, except the bride of course. She had some beautiful flowers, above, and had a rosary wrapped around them. (This was a Catholic wedding, mass and all.) I like to take strange pictures that most people wouldn't even think of shooting. Like, why at this angle? because it's different and unusual and most people wouldn't do it, that's why. Plus, I think it looks pretty cool. The bridesmaids had nice flowers too, that were fake, so that was nice. They can always keep them, they will never die. A long night at the reception, and slightly late flight back, and we are in warmer temps, enjoying my day off.

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