11 December 2009

new to me/old in reality bead containers

I hope Tupperware doesn't mind, (this is free advertising for them), but I am using their 3-part containers for my beads. I came across these at a thrift store some time ago, and I found out that these are most excellent for holding lots of beads. I buy a lot of beads in large quantities to use for large projects, and standard bead containers just aren't big enough for all the beads. I end up using several compartments for one package of beads, and my little fingers can't get into the compartments to grab hold of the dern things.
I remember my mom and grandma having these containers when I was growing up. I need to find some more. The lid holds very tightly and they are large and deep enough to hold all the beads, and shallow enough for me to get my hands in there to dig around for what I want. Lots of room to move, I like that.
A very bright picture, (sorry about that), but VOILA! the insides. I tried looking the Tupperware site, but couldn't find these things, and I'm not exactly sure what they would be called. If anyone has an idea, or knows if they are sold anymore, let me know. I'd love to get a few more.