25 October 2009

more guy stuff

Nate got this pendant in Peru and the original cord broke/wore off, so he asked me to make another one. He likes the hemp cord, and this color complemented it well. So I made a bail with some silver wire, used some leftover beads from a broken necklace and some very large coiled ends and clasp to bring it all together. See how the cording kind of formed a heart? This was made with love...awwww! (ok, moaning and groaning can stop now. silly humor is over.)
I used some very large coiled ends to keep it all together, which lends itself to more of a masculine effect.
Here's an up close view of the pendant. He said he got it in Peru on a mountain climbing expedition. He says it's rock of some kind, I tend to think it's glass, as it chips easily. You can kind of see it on the corners. It all came together quite nicely.