07 October 2009

old iron gate

As artists, you know there is inspiration everywhere. I love to go walking downtown to look at all the old buildings. (We still have some, they haven't all been torn down to make way for new and improved mega buildings). There is so much character to old buildings, and many of the most fascinating parts of the buildings, just aren't made anymore, and if they are, they just aren't the same. Case in point, this old iron gate attached to a church downtown. They are doing some renovations to the building, so I couldn't get a better look inside at any other fascinating parts, but this gate I really like. To me, iron gates are rustic, gothic, renaissance, and have such character. I've often thought of learning to weld so I could make cool gates like this from left over metal. Now that would be interesting. I already know how to solder, so it shouldn't be so difficult. I think our local vo-tech school offers a welding class. I'll have to look into it.