02 August 2009

craftsupershow afterpost

So my friend Chris and I went to the Craftsupershow on friday. I got this cool photo of me in this frame. This was very ornate. Lots of crafty stuff and pretty, sparkly things in it. Chris declined to be photographed, but I just had to. I learned how to make a duck tape wallet! very cool and not too difficult! Chris tried his hand at it, but he did a poor job. I was very surprised as he is pretty handy and being a guy, I thought he might really like one. Nevertheless, Nate really liked his. I made it red and black with shiny silver end tapes and a neon green on the inside. I am tempted to make some more, just for fun, maybe for Christmas gifts this year. Hey, money is tight and if anyone is going to get a gift from me this year, it's going to be cheap, regifted, or handmade.