23 July 2009

Now I’m sewing

It's been quite awhile since I've done any sewing and I kinda miss it, and now that I don't have the heavy burden of school for a couple weeks hanging over me, I'm going to make up some stuff. Nate likes to do some sewing too and he has plans to install a large working desk for us to sew, create, build, take apart, put together; and really, to make anything and everything short of cloning or making our own Frankenstein. I have lots of leftover fabric that I loathe to get rid of because it's some really colorful stuff with some cool patterns that you don't find anymore. Most of my fabric is cotton and I get a lot of it at thrift stores. I look for bed sheets that are gently used so I know I'll have a lot of material to work with. (Don't worry, I always wash the material in hot water with bleach before I use it. I haven't caught any cooties yet.) I found some old school Snoopy bed sheets that I've made into pajama/lounge pants. I throw these on as soon as I get home from work. Very easy to make and so comfortable! I've been checking out the Bernina Sewing Republic website lately and they have some easy projects there. I found one for a savvy tote by Nicole Smith that I'm going to try. If you go to the Bernina Sewing Republic website, you can watch an instructional video, download pdf instructions, and check out the other project ideas that they have.