06 April 2009

call for entries - Halstead Bead Jewelry business development grant

I am always on the lookout for competitions and contests. I've had such fun, and luck, with them as a child that I figure, why stop now? I came across this one while checking out the metalcyberspace website:

Halstead Bead, Inc. is calling for entries in its fourth annual Business Development Grant competition for new American jewelry designers entering the bridge jewelry trade. These design companies must focus on “bridge” jewelry which is the segment between costume jewelry and fine jewelry that includes accessories in sterling silver, semi-precious stones, crystal, freshwater pearls and other similar materials.

The Halstead Bead Business Development Grant differs from other jewelry industry competitions and awards because of its emphasis on business skills. Entrants must demonstrate not only extraordinary design, but also a strong business strategy.

Candidates must submit a design portfolio, business plan, resume and answers to several questions. Applications must be received between April 15 and June 17, 2009.

go straight to the grant page by clicking here and good luck!