18 December 2009

Moses ~ the special needs cat

This is Moses. He has 3 legs. You really can't tell from here, but it's true.

We are fostering him for Nate's sister and brother-in-law while they are stationed in Germany for a year. He was obviously tormented and abused by someone, and he was terrified of people. I think whomever tormented him also ruined his back right leg so that it had to be amputated. He didn't much like people, particularly men, but he is getting better. He gets around really well on 3 legs, even though his balance is off a bit from time to time.

When he first arrived, he would hide anywhere he could, and he took to hiding under our bed near the headboard/wall. Since we knew where to find him, and he needed to be adjusted to living here, we would take him out from under the bed once a day to get him adjusted to being held and being around people. I tied together 2 ends of a sarong, (I have many), and made it into a sling, so that he could be carried around, and feel a bit safe in a confined space. For the first couple weeks, he would tremble terribly and not want to look around. Any kind of noise would freak him out. Noise in the kitchen were particularly frightening. So we made our way through the house and the different rooms to check out the sights, sounds, and smells. It's almost 3 months later and look at him now! He comes out from under the bed all on his own, he'll eat with the other cats in the kitchen, and he'll sit with me on the bed! I'll be damned, all this psychology I'm taking has paid off. Maybe that's my calling, to counsel abused animals so they can have a normal life. As normal as possible. Moses may never be 100% 'normal', but he deserves to live as a cat, not a terrified animal. All people need to be able to live that way too.

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