15 December 2009

change in rooms/cleaned out closet

So you know that when Nate moved in, we changed a couple rooms around, right? Remember? I'm sure I told you about that. He wanted to use the larger of the 2 guest rooms as his "man" room, to house all the computer crap he had as well as my jewelry making stuff. Well, the larger of the 2 rooms is also the hottest one in the house. The side wall is full west and gets all the afternoon sun and heat. So now that the weather is cooler, we are changing rooms back.
I know I told you, well, bragged really, about the great organizational shelving I put in the closets to house all the stuff we/I had. It is so easy to find stuff, and since I have been cleaning out all the extra stuff I don't need, and everything else that doesn't serve me, I have more room in the closets! YAY! Nate has room for all his crap, er, I mean stuff, and so do I! We both have ample shelving and can easily see what we are looking for. Plus, the view out the other window is so much more appealing.


Andrew Thornton said...

I need a team of happy elves to help be deconstruct and organize the monster that is my studio. I shudder to think of the task at hand!

graygirlstudios said...

as soon as we are finished with their services, we will send them your way. weather permitting, of course.