16 November 2009

working with your hands

Being artists, we like to work with our hands, to make things from scratch and we are in awe when things come to life. It's so exhilarating to see something form before your eyes. For me, it gives a real sense of accomplishment, that I actually made this, that it came from me. I feel productive and part of the life cycle. Manual/physical labor, and making things with your hands, has almost become a lost art, obsolete, and inconsequential. It's not exciting for most people, nor is it revered anymore. It's kind of sad to tell you the truth. The only reason that it has come to the forefront of our psyches, as of late, is due to our poor economic climate. More and more people are making dinners, instead of eating out, and fixing their cars, instead of buying new ones. This case for working with your hands has been discussed in a recent article in the New York Times. It makes me sad and sentimental that we, in our current society, have lost appreciation for the manual arts and physical laborers. I hope that all is not lost. There seems to be a little excitement and interest in these jobs still, and I hope it continues.

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