28 November 2009


yeah, I know, I'm probably making you all crazy with all the background changes lately, but I'm feeling a little restless with the blog, plus I like a little variety. I may stick with this format for a little bit, and see how I like it. I like the pretty backgrounds, but I hate to waste space, so I've decided to use more of the viewing page.

I've been enjoying these 4 days off. Most people find lots of things to do on these days, but I have been relaxing, and at the same time, productive. I've made some more id chains. I've had a few people at work request them, and I'll be selling them at The Artistic Hand as well. I'll post some pics soon. I've been cleaning out some stuff, my beloved has as well, and I have 2 weeks left of this term @ school, and I am looking forward to 4 weeks off school! yeehaw! That leaves more time for jewelry stuff, kittens, yard work and napping!

enjoy the rest of your long weekend...

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