30 November 2009

yellow id chain

Here's another magnetic barrel clasp I use on the id chains.
I bought a bag of some small glass beads from Fire Mountain recently. I like the size of the beads for id chains, and the shapes and colors are pretty. See the blue heart in the above photo? That's just one of the type of beads in the bag I bought.
This one has a yellow end anchor bead with a light blue accent color.

29 November 2009

more id chains

I call this one the orange flower id chain. I usually name these after the color theme or anchor bead (toward the end of the chain). This one looks like an orange flower to me, hence, orange flower id chain. I use a heavy duty magnetic clasp at the end to keep it all together. This way, if the chain gets caught in something, it will release, keeping you from choking, and at the same time, keeps all the beads together so you don't do the bead crawl on the carpet looking for lost beads.

28 November 2009


yeah, I know, I'm probably making you all crazy with all the background changes lately, but I'm feeling a little restless with the blog, plus I like a little variety. I may stick with this format for a little bit, and see how I like it. I like the pretty backgrounds, but I hate to waste space, so I've decided to use more of the viewing page.

I've been enjoying these 4 days off. Most people find lots of things to do on these days, but I have been relaxing, and at the same time, productive. I've made some more id chains. I've had a few people at work request them, and I'll be selling them at The Artistic Hand as well. I'll post some pics soon. I've been cleaning out some stuff, my beloved has as well, and I have 2 weeks left of this term @ school, and I am looking forward to 4 weeks off school! yeehaw! That leaves more time for jewelry stuff, kittens, yard work and napping!

enjoy the rest of your long weekend...

26 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Don't eat too much or drink too much, watch some football and take a nap. Enjoy your time with friends and family. Be grateful that you have friends and family. Be glad you have food to eat. Be glad you can read. Be thankful that you have a home where you can do these things. Show unconditional love for one day. Give the cats some turkey, and the dog a bone. If you don't have these things, be grateful for what you do have. There is someone out there who has it worse than you. Pray for them.

23 November 2009

messy desk, studio cat, & short work week

Wofie doesn't usually help me at my desk, but on this day, she decided to. She has been very attentive lately as we are fostering 3 cats for a year for Nate's sister. She's being a little too clingy if you ask me. Since this is a short work week, I am going to take advantage of the time off and clean off my desk, and bench, and work on a few projects. It's nice having an extended weekend to catch up on stuff. Good for the psyche and the soul. I hope you have a great week and enjoy your time off, whatever you do.

18 November 2009

every man jack

You know, I'm in love with soap, soaps, and more soap. I don't know what it is, but it's just the neatest thing to me. (no pun intended.) So my beloved and I are @ Target and I have to go down the bar soap aisle and what do I see? But some new lovely of soap that I have never seen before! This is the citrus scrub body bar by Every Man Jack. It has a great smell, is vegetable based, has no tallow, no parabens, no sodium lauryl sulfate, and is never tested on animals. I am liking this A LOT right now. Check out the back of the box where it gives HOW TO directions. Funny people this lot.

17 November 2009

earth inspired living

HELLOOOO! A fabulous new store I have discovered in lovely Winter Park on the very tony Park Avenue, earth inspired living. Well, they've been there since early this year, but I have just discovered them, so it is all the more exciting and new to me! They got all the good stuff: organic, sustainable, earth friendly, recycled, reclaimed, and just gorgeous! Check them out!

16 November 2009

working with your hands

Being artists, we like to work with our hands, to make things from scratch and we are in awe when things come to life. It's so exhilarating to see something form before your eyes. For me, it gives a real sense of accomplishment, that I actually made this, that it came from me. I feel productive and part of the life cycle. Manual/physical labor, and making things with your hands, has almost become a lost art, obsolete, and inconsequential. It's not exciting for most people, nor is it revered anymore. It's kind of sad to tell you the truth. The only reason that it has come to the forefront of our psyches, as of late, is due to our poor economic climate. More and more people are making dinners, instead of eating out, and fixing their cars, instead of buying new ones. This case for working with your hands has been discussed in a recent article in the New York Times. It makes me sad and sentimental that we, in our current society, have lost appreciation for the manual arts and physical laborers. I hope that all is not lost. There seems to be a little excitement and interest in these jobs still, and I hope it continues.

14 November 2009

eyeglass chains

Yeah, I don't know why these photos came up sideways in this post. Sorry to make you turn your head sideways, but you needed a neck stretch, right?
I made these the other day. These are eyeglass chains, for those that don't need to wear their eyeglasses all the time, like I do. I like the multicolor and the sunlight really brings out the bright colors. These are approx. 32 in/81.5 cm long. I like to make these long, so whether you're big busted or not, your glasse won't hang right under your chin.

13 November 2009

iron gate

another fabulous old iron gate from an old hotel downtown. It's not a hotel anymore, but it was very popular in the early part of this century. The Empire Hotel now houses many businesses, and still has this gate entry way to the elevators. Very cool. I just love these old gates!

09 November 2009

new green ring

This is my fabulous new ring! I bought it yesterday at the Fiesta in the Park @ Lake Eola downtown. This lady makes some amazing jewelry from aluminum and gorgeous glass! Her name is Yanira Ramirez out of Auburndale, Florida. She makes some really beautiful stuff. I especially like her pieces using glass. So simple and elegant. Check out her website for some more amazing things. I wear my ring all the time. Even to bed.

08 November 2009

oh my...

I had been so good lately about posting and I go a whole week without saying anything to you! I am very sorry to be so neglectful! I was a relaxing weekend, and I am off tomorrow. I am going to finish a few things, take some pics, and post some new stuff, among taking Scotty to the park, playing with the kittens and maybe napping. I think this weather, and the time change, is throwing a bunch of people's schedules off, and my beloved is one of them. All this fresh air, cooler weather, such a nice breeze! Has made for some nice few days lately! I went to the fiesta in the park @ lake eola today and found a nice designer who works with aluminum and some cool beads for a stunningly simple and gorgeous looking jewelry. Of course, I had to buy one of her rings. I like it so much, I'm not even taking it off to go to bed, and I don't wear jewelry to bed. I'll post a good pic of it tomorrow, and tell you where you can get your own. For now, I am off to rest. I am up way past my bedtime. Until then....

02 November 2009

beach wedding

We went to Clearwater yesterday for my beloved's sister's wedding. There are so many pictures to go through! I found a nice one of her flowers. Very simple, elegant, and very beautiful. The weather was nice, lots of breeze, some on lookers (of course) and Nate and I had a good time taking lots of photos. She put this all together in about 2 weeks! you go girl! and congratulations to the happy couple!