16 October 2009

slow, but productive

Yes, I have been productive these past few weeks that I have not had school, believe it or not, and I will have time to post my latest creations. I made a slew of jibberish keychains, and when you see them, you'll know what I mean. I found all these cool plastic beads on sale a looooong time ago and they only had one word on them. Large hole beads too, so stringing them on regular wire just didn't seem to work out well. So I used rubber cord, my latest and greatest, and made some neat key chains out of them. The way I set up the words makes sense one way, but if you turn them over, or don't run them in the way they are set up, they don't make a whole lot of sense, but makes for some funny phrases. You'll see.
This is Ted, my friend's tortoise. I have a large cactus plant in my backyard, so I take off some of the cactus pads and Ted eats them. He loves these things. This cactus doesn't have the large, spiny, deadly spikes on them, just some small, almost feather like spikes, and these spikes are not so hard either, but if you get them stuck in your finger, it's like a splinter. I'd still suggest wearing gloves if you touch the cactus.

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