19 October 2009

jibberish parts

I ran out of particular charms for my jibberish key chains, so I made up some of my own. The ones on the left are asian coin replicas attached to some kind of resistor/electrical part. These parts are pretty cool, and the wire is very easy to work with. I get these at SkyCraft when I go with my beloved, as he loves that store. It's more of a guy store than a girl store. They get new stuff all the time, and sometimes I come across some neat stuff, like this. The one on the right is made from some junk parts my beloved brought home for me, along with one of those electrical parts. If anyone knows exactly what those things are called, exactly, please let me know.
The local Michael's craft store had these charms on sale. Lots of earthy, green ones, and some other etched ones I thought were nice.

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