03 October 2009

Fall in love with handmade at cottage industry co op

My beloved and I are on our way to the Cottage Industry Co-op today for their Fall in love with handmade event! I am very excited! Not just because it's a handmade event, but because the weather has been just beautiful here this week! Breezy! Sunny! and only 85 degrees! no humidity! Fall is finally here! Can you tell the excitement?! Sorry, I was getting carried away, but we suffer through our oppressive summers with constant threat of hurricanes to enjoy weather like this, so I am bragging all I can. I digress...I'll take some pics, have some lunch at a local place while we're there, and report back later. On another note: My final for I/O psychology was yesterday, so I am done for this term! yay! I can breathe for a bit, until the next one.

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