30 October 2009

studio cat

Here is your studio cat picture of the day. Does anyone else have one of these?

26 October 2009

easywire give away!

I found out about this great giveaway through my friend Lisa over @ Lucid Moon Studio. Cindy @ Sweet Bead studio is celebrating the publication of Easy Wire 2009, with a giveaway! To enter, simply leave a comment on this post, and if you’d like your name in the “hat” twice, she asks you share this give away on your blog. Give away ends at midnight EST on Oct. 27th. So hurry!

The lucky grand prize winner will win this bounty:

Grand prize:

- A copy of Easy Wire 2009

- 36 piece 1/8″ Letter and Number stamp set

-Eurotool metal punch

-110 piece copper washer set

-Sheet metal: copper and nickel silver

-18 gauge pure copper wire, 10 yard spool

This is great stuff! I love tools! and metal! and the chance to make lots of noise putting the two together is excitement in itself! Just in case you don't win the grand prize, there will be a lucky 2nd place winner that will win a copy of Easy Wire 2009

25 October 2009

more guy stuff

Nate got this pendant in Peru and the original cord broke/wore off, so he asked me to make another one. He likes the hemp cord, and this color complemented it well. So I made a bail with some silver wire, used some leftover beads from a broken necklace and some very large coiled ends and clasp to bring it all together. See how the cording kind of formed a heart? This was made with love...awwww! (ok, moaning and groaning can stop now. silly humor is over.)
I used some very large coiled ends to keep it all together, which lends itself to more of a masculine effect.
Here's an up close view of the pendant. He said he got it in Peru on a mountain climbing expedition. He says it's rock of some kind, I tend to think it's glass, as it chips easily. You can kind of see it on the corners. It all came together quite nicely.

24 October 2009

guy stuff

Nate likes hemp cord. I do too, for many reasons. He's been asking me to make him something, so I came up with this. These are acrylic beads to resemble bone, strung on a multi colored, twisted hemp cord. It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. Nate likes it, and yes, he does wear it. Even without my pleading or asking him to do so. I like to make guy stuff. It's very simple, and since I like to work with metals of all kinds, it's a good venue for me to try out ideas.

23 October 2009

rectangular pendant

Our local Michaels was having a clearance sale on some stuff, so I bought several large pendants. I like to work with larger objects; the small ones seem to get lost in my hands, or on the floor, or roll away somewhere in the vast abyss behind my desk. They also had these metal frames for some of the pendants. Of course, I used some rubber cord, and some leftover bone type beads. (I say that because I'm not quite certain that they are made of bone, but have the qualities of bone.) I made the cord about a 16"/40cm length, which keeps the pendant from disappearing into another vast abyss (if you're female.)

22 October 2009

Artistree Co-op

Remember the Cottage Industry Co-op I've been bragging about? Well, they are now the Artistree Co-op (cute name!) and they are having a grand reopening tonight! I'm going not just for the 10% discount, but the mimosas and desserts! Ah, they know me so well!

19 October 2009

jibberish parts

I ran out of particular charms for my jibberish key chains, so I made up some of my own. The ones on the left are asian coin replicas attached to some kind of resistor/electrical part. These parts are pretty cool, and the wire is very easy to work with. I get these at SkyCraft when I go with my beloved, as he loves that store. It's more of a guy store than a girl store. They get new stuff all the time, and sometimes I come across some neat stuff, like this. The one on the right is made from some junk parts my beloved brought home for me, along with one of those electrical parts. If anyone knows exactly what those things are called, exactly, please let me know.
The local Michael's craft store had these charms on sale. Lots of earthy, green ones, and some other etched ones I thought were nice.

18 October 2009

Rogue helping

Kitten likes to 'help', of course, when I'm working. I have a huge wooden desk that I keep my computer at and when I'm working with beads, I sit there as it gives me lots of room to work and if I'm thinking of something, I have the computer handy to look up stuff or make a post, or store pics. She looks so cute sitting there, I hate to move her. I have found the best way to get her to move is by hugging and kissing on her. She doesn't really like that so much. She likes to be petted, but not held and have you put your face to her. So that way I'm loving on her, but not moving her, so she moves herself. Does anyone else have this delimma with their cats? Silly kitten.

17 October 2009

jibberish keychains

So I call these my jibberish keychains. The words are on plastic, just one word per bead, and I put them together in very short phrases. On the one side, these make sense, but turn them over, and not so much. The other side is usually quite funny. I made a whole mess of these to take the The Artistic Hand in the coming weeks. This is my last "free" weekend until school starts again on Monday. It's Social Psychology this time. I'm looking forward to it, really, as I find psychology fascinating. Maybe these jibberish keychains activate my psyche somehow, making them seem like they make sense to me, but to anyone else, it really is jibberish. Hence the name. Just something to think about. Have a great rest of weekend!

16 October 2009

slow, but productive

Yes, I have been productive these past few weeks that I have not had school, believe it or not, and I will have time to post my latest creations. I made a slew of jibberish keychains, and when you see them, you'll know what I mean. I found all these cool plastic beads on sale a looooong time ago and they only had one word on them. Large hole beads too, so stringing them on regular wire just didn't seem to work out well. So I used rubber cord, my latest and greatest, and made some neat key chains out of them. The way I set up the words makes sense one way, but if you turn them over, or don't run them in the way they are set up, they don't make a whole lot of sense, but makes for some funny phrases. You'll see.
This is Ted, my friend's tortoise. I have a large cactus plant in my backyard, so I take off some of the cactus pads and Ted eats them. He loves these things. This cactus doesn't have the large, spiny, deadly spikes on them, just some small, almost feather like spikes, and these spikes are not so hard either, but if you get them stuck in your finger, it's like a splinter. I'd still suggest wearing gloves if you touch the cactus.

10 October 2009

Wiggle Waggle 2010 Calendar Cover Contest

Wiggle Waggle 2010 Calendar Cover Contest

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Hey everyone! Please vote for my dog, Scotty, in the Wiggle Waggle 2010 calendar cover contest. Go to the link above to vote! go now! Scotty thanks you!

07 October 2009

old iron gate

As artists, you know there is inspiration everywhere. I love to go walking downtown to look at all the old buildings. (We still have some, they haven't all been torn down to make way for new and improved mega buildings). There is so much character to old buildings, and many of the most fascinating parts of the buildings, just aren't made anymore, and if they are, they just aren't the same. Case in point, this old iron gate attached to a church downtown. They are doing some renovations to the building, so I couldn't get a better look inside at any other fascinating parts, but this gate I really like. To me, iron gates are rustic, gothic, renaissance, and have such character. I've often thought of learning to weld so I could make cool gates like this from left over metal. Now that would be interesting. I already know how to solder, so it shouldn't be so difficult. I think our local vo-tech school offers a welding class. I'll have to look into it.

04 October 2009

Cottage industry co-op orlando

Nate & I spent a nice day yesterday not doing much of anything. We did make it to the Cottage Industry Co-op. There were quite a few people and some cool live music. I bought a nice pendant by Elena. It's a glass pendant with a bird theme; very cute; and a magnet for my sister, whose birthday is in January. My sister could be a professional shopper for someone, as she always knows exactly what to get someone and what size they are too. She sent me a "box 'o stuff", that's what we call it, for my birthday and had the neatest little things in it, that were all just perfect for me. Anyway, Come to find out, The Cottage Industry Co-op is going to be part of a sidewalk event for the holidays. They are located in College Park, which is a very tony part of town, and it's on the main strip of town where you can walk up and down the street to get to all the shops. You know, like back in the day when you didn't have to drive all over town to get to your shopping, and it's not the mega-mall, big box type stores either. It's very quaint so we're looking forward to it. The weather will be nicer also to take a walk around town, and I may even be able to wear a scarf and sweater! Woo Hoo!

03 October 2009

Fall in love with handmade at cottage industry co op

My beloved and I are on our way to the Cottage Industry Co-op today for their Fall in love with handmade event! I am very excited! Not just because it's a handmade event, but because the weather has been just beautiful here this week! Breezy! Sunny! and only 85 degrees! no humidity! Fall is finally here! Can you tell the excitement?! Sorry, I was getting carried away, but we suffer through our oppressive summers with constant threat of hurricanes to enjoy weather like this, so I am bragging all I can. I digress...I'll take some pics, have some lunch at a local place while we're there, and report back later. On another note: My final for I/O psychology was yesterday, so I am done for this term! yay! I can breathe for a bit, until the next one.

01 October 2009

First day of October!

It is the first day of October and it is just beautiful this morning! It no longer feels hot and humid! It is cool and breezy and wonderful! This break in the weather is so refreshing! I could go on and on and on, but I think you get the idea. This is a perfect day for me to ride my bike to work.

I went to the Banana River the other day for my birthday and I found this tree with a branch at the perfect height to hang on. It gave me a good stretch to my back, the water was very comfortable, and Scotty got to look for fishes! We'll be back again and again. It is such a relaxing time. We saw dolphins too! Scotty loves the water, it's good exercise for him, and he's tired the rest of the day. Such a lucky, happy dog!