16 September 2009

bike to work

So I am back to biking to work every now and then, when it looks like I won't get drenched by the rain on the way home. It's a nice ride, only 6 miles each way, I wear my helmet (of course), and I ride the sidewalks or bike paths. It's a nice ride through some nice neighborhoods and not terribly busy streets. I have also seen the chicken family on my rides to work. They have recently, (within the last 4 months), had little chicks, which are now almost full grown. It is such a funny site to see, since this is the city, not even remotely close to a rural area, and they live near a dentist's office and nursing home. Really amusing. I hear the rooster crow every once in awhile. If you haven't already, click on the link for the Madsen bikes on the sidebar of my blog. These are some really cool bikes and they are having a giveaway! Check them out! I have to get ready to go...

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