30 September 2009

Last Day of September!

Yep, last day of September. I've always thought that the last day of September brought the very last possible days of summer, and that once we hit October 1, fall was here. But it's all good, since in fall there are leaf piles to jump in and pumpkins to carve and eat. This day also brings the last day to read my newest article in the Spotlight on... section of SoftFlexCompany's website. With the colder days of fall and winter coming, you may want to check out a new book, or jewelry idea, from some of my list of favorites. And now that my current term of school is done, I have a couple weeks to start on some new stuff! yay! I can't wait! Have a great last day of September!

25 September 2009

22 September 2009

tree halo

I took my dog, Scotty, to the local dog park on sunday and found another tree halo. I found the first one @ Lake Haven several weeks ago. I have to wonder how these things get made and how they get to where they are. These are probably 1.5-2 ft. in diameter and not on the lowest branches of the tree, or the easiest branches to get to. They are really amazing to look at, quite stunning, and a natural wonder. I take it as a sign...what sign, not sure.

18 September 2009

Lake Davis chickens

I pass through some beautiful neighborhoods on my way to work, and this particular one sports a very nice lake...which just happens to now house chickens. Roosters, actually. I passed these 2 yesterday on my way to work. They were crowing to wake everyone as I went by. Not sure how they got there, but they sure are fun to see!

16 September 2009

bike to work

So I am back to biking to work every now and then, when it looks like I won't get drenched by the rain on the way home. It's a nice ride, only 6 miles each way, I wear my helmet (of course), and I ride the sidewalks or bike paths. It's a nice ride through some nice neighborhoods and not terribly busy streets. I have also seen the chicken family on my rides to work. They have recently, (within the last 4 months), had little chicks, which are now almost full grown. It is such a funny site to see, since this is the city, not even remotely close to a rural area, and they live near a dentist's office and nursing home. Really amusing. I hear the rooster crow every once in awhile. If you haven't already, click on the link for the Madsen bikes on the sidebar of my blog. These are some really cool bikes and they are having a giveaway! Check them out! I have to get ready to go...

10 September 2009

beloved @ Disney

Ok, I wasn't planning on posting tourist crap here, since there is so much more to Orlando than the rat, but I'm going to for today. Tuesday was Nate's birthday and he had never been to Disney, so we went to the Magic Kingdom. He got in free on his birthday and I bought a florida resident ticket. He really wanted to walk through the castle, so we did. It wasn't too crowded, we waited a total of 10 minutes to get through the longest line for a ride, and it even cooled off by sprinkling a little bit. It was a very good day. Next up: Epcot food & wine festival for my birthday!

07 September 2009

Let us rest, on Labor Day

I really like this lady. She looks like she could kick some ass. So in honor of Labor Day, let's all take the day off.

03 September 2009

SoftFlex Company article

If this looks familiar to you, it should. I recently ran several posts of my favorite jewelry/arts books, and now you can find a full article of some of those postings at the Spotlight on....section of the SoftFlex Company website. While you're there, shop for their sale items, follow them on facebook, and check out their Extreme wire, the first eco-friendly beading wire! Thanks for checking!