16 July 2009

what I'm happy about/thankful for...

So I had a few extra minutes before getting ready for work this morning, and I thought I'd take a look around the web, in particular, reading some other blogs. I came across Green Girl Studios blog and read her post about what makes her happy. I was already thinking this morning of what I am grateful for, as I do most mornings:
  • that the kittens come back to me every morning, unharmed, after being out all night
  • that my beloved and I are protected every night and make it to the next morning
  • that I have the funds, or food, available for breakfast and lunch
  • that the big lightning storms we have here have not hit my house (I have some pretty big trees in my yard)
  • that I am able bodied enough to care for myself, and those that I love
  • that I can see (even if it's with the help of glasses/contacts)
  • that I have a boss that likes me, and I like him
I could go on and on, but I don't want to bore you or sound preachy. These are just some things I think about on a daily basis. It's amazing how things change over time, and this is all good.

I hope your day is good too.

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