25 July 2009

okay, here I go...

You know I've been bitching and lamenting about statistics for weeks now, so today is the day. It's finally over today so you don't have to hear about it anymore. (and frankly, I'm tired of hearing myself talk about it.) I take the final this afternoon and I'm done. Funny thing is, I don't care if I get an 'A' or not, I'm just hoping for a passing grade so I can get my tuition reimbursement. I even posted that on the class discussion board. Yeah, teacher wanted us to answer 4 questions about the class; what we found most helpful, least helpful, what we understand really well and can explain to someone else, and what we really don't understand and are just faking it until we make it. Well, mean, median and mode I understand really well and can explain it and in fact, I did the other day to a coworker. Now, needless to say, she kept blinking very fast and had a glazed look in her eyes, but it made sense to me. Everything else after mean, median and mode, I just don't get, so I'm faking all the rest of it. Yep, it's true, I'm a faker. I have no shame in admitting it, acceptance is always the hardest part, and since I have conquered that, I will conquer this too. Here's to conquering a new day and I hope you will too!

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