29 July 2009

CHA Craft supershow

The Craft Super Show is coming to Orlando this week! It's only here friday and saturday, July 31 & August 1, so you only have 2 days to go! You can click on the image, or the link in this post, to go to the site to see all the cool stuff that'll be happening. There are contests, prizes, raffles, goody bags, scrapbooking stuff, stamping stuff, needlecrafts, yarn arts and of course, beads! You can go to their site for a discount coupon for one, or both days, but you have to buy the tickets online and the offer expires July 30, 2009, so you have to buy these discounts in advance. Maybe I'll see you there!

26 July 2009


So today Nate & I finally set up the rain barrels in the yard, just before the rains came. It is the rainy season here, and hurricane season is at its height now, so this is a good thing. I need to paint these so they blend in a little more, blue just doesn't cut it. Nate is very handy and put up the gutters, I arranged the block and helped put the barrel parts together. Now that we have big rains, I'm excited to see it in action!

25 July 2009

okay, here I go...

You know I've been bitching and lamenting about statistics for weeks now, so today is the day. It's finally over today so you don't have to hear about it anymore. (and frankly, I'm tired of hearing myself talk about it.) I take the final this afternoon and I'm done. Funny thing is, I don't care if I get an 'A' or not, I'm just hoping for a passing grade so I can get my tuition reimbursement. I even posted that on the class discussion board. Yeah, teacher wanted us to answer 4 questions about the class; what we found most helpful, least helpful, what we understand really well and can explain to someone else, and what we really don't understand and are just faking it until we make it. Well, mean, median and mode I understand really well and can explain it and in fact, I did the other day to a coworker. Now, needless to say, she kept blinking very fast and had a glazed look in her eyes, but it made sense to me. Everything else after mean, median and mode, I just don't get, so I'm faking all the rest of it. Yep, it's true, I'm a faker. I have no shame in admitting it, acceptance is always the hardest part, and since I have conquered that, I will conquer this too. Here's to conquering a new day and I hope you will too!

24 July 2009

quote o' the day

since I'm up early, I thought I would give this a try. Click on the image to see this magnet...

23 July 2009

Now I’m sewing

It's been quite awhile since I've done any sewing and I kinda miss it, and now that I don't have the heavy burden of school for a couple weeks hanging over me, I'm going to make up some stuff. Nate likes to do some sewing too and he has plans to install a large working desk for us to sew, create, build, take apart, put together; and really, to make anything and everything short of cloning or making our own Frankenstein. I have lots of leftover fabric that I loathe to get rid of because it's some really colorful stuff with some cool patterns that you don't find anymore. Most of my fabric is cotton and I get a lot of it at thrift stores. I look for bed sheets that are gently used so I know I'll have a lot of material to work with. (Don't worry, I always wash the material in hot water with bleach before I use it. I haven't caught any cooties yet.) I found some old school Snoopy bed sheets that I've made into pajama/lounge pants. I throw these on as soon as I get home from work. Very easy to make and so comfortable! I've been checking out the Bernina Sewing Republic website lately and they have some easy projects there. I found one for a savvy tote by Nicole Smith that I'm going to try. If you go to the Bernina Sewing Republic website, you can watch an instructional video, download pdf instructions, and check out the other project ideas that they have.

17 July 2009

Renegade Craft fair San Francisco

The second annual Renegade Craft Fair in SAN FRANCISCO will take place JULY 18 + 19...that's this weekend! yay! There will be over 200 artists from all over the country and abroad to participate and sell their handmade goods. One of my favorites will be there: Freshie and Zero. She's been a busy woman this year. Checking out her blog and/or facebook page she's been to quite a few already this year. She just came back from one and had a day off, and now is headed off to San Francisco! I love San Francisco. I always promised myself that if I had money, I'd live there. The vibe, the atmosphere, the culture, the climate...I'm in love.
There will be lots of vendors there selling everything from clothing and accessories, to stationary and concert posters, bath products and ceramics and a whole mess of other stuff. There’ll be workshops, a meet-n-greet with local crafty authors from Chronicle Books, and you can create your custom web-persona with the help of Mozilla Firefox! Have some fun and commemorate your trip to Renegade Craft Fair – San Francisco by posing for a few snaps in the free photo-booth provided by Magnolia Photo Booth Co.
Have a good time! I wish I was going...

16 July 2009

what I'm happy about/thankful for...

So I had a few extra minutes before getting ready for work this morning, and I thought I'd take a look around the web, in particular, reading some other blogs. I came across Green Girl Studios blog and read her post about what makes her happy. I was already thinking this morning of what I am grateful for, as I do most mornings:
  • that the kittens come back to me every morning, unharmed, after being out all night
  • that my beloved and I are protected every night and make it to the next morning
  • that I have the funds, or food, available for breakfast and lunch
  • that the big lightning storms we have here have not hit my house (I have some pretty big trees in my yard)
  • that I am able bodied enough to care for myself, and those that I love
  • that I can see (even if it's with the help of glasses/contacts)
  • that I have a boss that likes me, and I like him
I could go on and on, but I don't want to bore you or sound preachy. These are just some things I think about on a daily basis. It's amazing how things change over time, and this is all good.

I hope your day is good too.

15 July 2009

almost finished...

another 2 weeks and I will be done with statistics class! yay! this has to be the most grueling class I have had to take yet and it will be too soon if I ever have to take it again. This class has kept me the most preoccupied of all the classes, which makes it challending to concentrate on anything else. I really hate that feeling. the end is near...

10 July 2009

footslongs in Tennessee

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with jewelry but I had to share. I just think it's hilarious. I saw this at a gas station in Tennessee when we stopped to fill up one time. Can anyone tell me what's a footslong? Either they don't know how to spell, or they're just being suggestive. Braggarts.

08 July 2009

Jorgensen studio - Loxahatchee Florida

So we're back in Florida now with Jorgensen Studio. She works out of her own studio ~ jealous ~ uses, clean, recycled packaging, makes pottery as well, and has chickens! That is so cool!
And yes, there is such a name as Loxahatchee, Florida. Remember, before the Europeans came over, it was full of Native Americans, and Florida had a few tribes here. Loxahatchee means "sea of turtle", or "turtle creek", depending upon who you talk to.

07 July 2009

Njia studios

And from my hometown of Akron, Ohio: Njia studios, run by Barbe Beaty. This little ditty is another pretty handstamped sterling silver pendant. Very cute. I like silver, I like handstamping, I like hearts, and I like metal piercings. There seems to be a pattern here...

03 July 2009

Sonja Voss

Next we have Sonja Voss with Firehazardbeads in Asheville, NC. Interesting story: she grew up in Northern Germany and was the only black human being around (her words). Since being different caused complications, she found hobbies and pursuits that only required one person to fulfill, ergo, jewelry work. This featured necklace can be worn short or long, or as a belt, and is made with sterling silver and copper. I like hand forged and hammered items, the texture is always so unique and fascinating. Check out her blog for other pics of her work.
But be forewarned: her written English is bad.

02 July 2009


From Wilmington, NC comes Petalmetal. Petalmetal is metalsmith and enamelist Kate Cathey's collection of work. She's been published in several of Larks 500 series books, she participates in juried exhibitions as well as teaches enameling at various art centers. She makes some beautiful bangle bracelets, as well as some fancy bead and silver earrings. She works out of her home studio in Wilmington. I'd love to be able to work out of my own home studio, whether it's in Wilmington or not. Lucky gal.

01 July 2009

Dana Ruth Designs

Out of Atlanta, GA comes Dana Ruth Designs. She makes some fascinating 3-D pieces, uses mixed metal screw hardware, mixes sterling silver with bronze, and makes the cute copper based double decker dog bone pet tags! I like it when jewelers think of pets.