14 June 2009

lazy, hot humid days of summer

I think it is raining in this picture. Big surprise, considering it's summer in Florida. We haven't had much rain the last week so I have been able to ride my bike to work. I know I have been especially bad about updating my blog and I'll tell you why. Much has been going on in my life these last 3 months. It's all good stuff, but some big changes have been going on. One guy moved out, and another moved in. This new guy, my beloved Nate, has decided to change things up around here. We've moved furniture from one room to another, repainted the master bedroom, moved the media room/studio/workspace to another totally different room and have had to sort through doubles of so much stuff that we are still figuring out what we have. He's a handyman/fixit/computer geek kind of guy, and he likes to stay busy, so he has found many projects to take on here that he's either made up for himself to do, or these are things that really should be done, but because of time/money restraints, and an honest lack of initiative on my part, these things haven't been done. Like I said, these are all good things and I am very happy that he has volunteered to help me with these things and be an active, interested part of my life. But as we all know, these home projects take time, and the bulk of the time that we have to do these things is on the weekend, which is when I usually catch up on posting. Besides spending quality time with Scotty and the kittens, and Nate of course, I have my regular duties and rounds of things to do around here. Not to mention, the front yard can really use some more landscaping. All the rain we have had has made my yard a bit overgrown. I shall overcome the weeds, this I am sure. We have decided to cut out cable, since we don't watch much tv and I'm not paying $50 for the 5 channels that I do watch, so that frees up a lot of time for me. I can see the constant, unadulterated freedom from extraneous home projects is soon forthcoming, but until then, I will be busy. I have even gone so far as to skip my yoga classes on the weekends! *GASP* say it isn't so! Yes, it's true. So mind you, I am very anxious to get into an even more solid, determined schedule asap. I am making a more concerted effort to get back on schedule, which means posting as I usually would on the weekends. It is cathartic for me, I enjoy it, it helps me stay balanced, and we both get to work on our computer stuff in the same room. Our own kind of quality time together.
See you soon.

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