31 May 2009

SoftFlexCompany article! last day!

Today is the last day to catch my article at SoftFlexCompany! Hurry! The sun is going down soon! You got a few minutes, right? Good reading; stimulating, interesting, fascinating...check it out...

26 May 2009

yellow bedroom

Did I show you the yellow? Above is the color without a flash...
this is the color with a flash. needless to say, we painted over it. It's a nice sage green color now. I'll post a photo of the new and improved room later.

We rested most of yesterday and did absolutely nothing of importance. We went shopping. We both needed to rest. I took 2 short naps yesterday. I was more tired than I thought. We've finished most of the moving and now it's just putting some small things away and getting back on schedule. Which I know I am definitely looking forward to. I've been away too long and I miss it. I will see you all soon.

19 May 2009

bright, much too bright...

oh good Lord. I painted part of a wall yesterday, just to see how the yellow looked in the bedroom. It's just way too bright. Maybe as an accent wall, and just ONE accent wall, but I cannot see trying to sleep in such a bright room. I can't, I just can't...

16 May 2009

Cottage industry co-op orlando

So, I called Cottage Industry Co-op and they have postponed their craft swap meet until a later date. Didn't say when, but as soon as I know, I'll pass it along. Nice people there, very accomodating. Check 'em out!

13 May 2009

11 May 2009

yellow bedroom

so Nate wants to repaint our bedroom a yellow color. I like yellow, I have nothing against yellow, it's just I don't find it to be a very bedroom color. In a bedroom, one wants a soft, calming color, and yellow isn't it. I wanted a much more muted, softer yellow, and he picked out something different. We shall see how this goes. I'll give it a try, but somehow, I get a feeling that we are going to end up repainting over the yellow.

you can find an update to the yellow bedroom here.

09 May 2009

travel/dream stamps

So I was at Sam Flax a couple weeks ago and found these stamps there.
I thought they would be neat to try on some silver, kind of like my 'arms of love and grace' bracelets, but with these character stamps instead. I need to make sure that I have them facing the correct way first...

dog days of summer

ok, so it's NOT spring anymore, it's summer. It seemed to have turned on it's heel quickly as if to tease us, and then leave since we weren't appreciating it so much. So now it's summer. Hot and humid by 10a. It'll be like this until October. And we hope for no hurricanes again this year. Scotty and the kittens stay inside during the day - they are no dummies - and we go outside after 6p. This gives me ample opportunity to work on some more jewelry. Since the new closet it organized, the bench has been moved, I have some new supplies, and I am ready to rock.

05 May 2009

ahhhh, the cleansing days of spring...

the sun is shining, birds are singing, which means it's time for the twice a year landscaping of the yard. We had a few particularly bad frosts this year, which killed back a lot of my plants, so now it's time to clean out the dead wood. I've been doing that a lot lately, in every sense of the word. It has been very cathartic, and it makes everything look better too. Like this sun on my house, I hope you too have a smiling day.

03 May 2009

beading contest!

Hey crafty people! SoftFlexcompany is having a beading contest! Design entries must include all three Soft Flex® Wire colors from one of their ten Trios. There is no limit to the number of designs that you may enter. You're encouraged to feature beads and findings from your local bead shop and if you do, let SoftFlex know who they are when you submit your design so that SoftFlex can credit them too! Grand prize is a $500 gift certificate, and who can't use some extra cash for supplies? You could also be featured on their website, in direct mailings, print ads, and softflexcompany glass art & bead festivals if you win! cool! Click here to go directly to their details page.
Good luck!

02 May 2009

new closet

yes, kids, here it is! The new and improved, updated closet for our media room! It may not look like much, but it is a life saver! I feel so much more balanced now that I have this done. I had been feeling out of sorts with all the moving and organizing and boxes everywhere. Now that this is done, I feel like there is some order back in the universe.

01 May 2009

new article for May 2009

If you didn't already know, I've been writing articles for SoftFlexcompany for some time now. I really enjoy it and Sara & Kristen @ SoftFlex have been great to work with. My newest article is up for review on their site. While you're there, check out their sales, or maybe some of their great extreme flex wire, the first eco-friendly beading wire. I just bought some and am anxious to try it out. It looks beautiful, so far I'm very impressed!