28 April 2009

closet organization

full closet view
I know I showed you these photos some time ago, but I am about to redo another closet the same way and I am very excited! You know I love this organization stuff (a new career perhaps?) and I'm ready to do another. This particular closet, not the one pictured, is in need of some spackling and painting, but I'm not getting that involved. My beloved is helping me put up brackets and shelving, then I'll move and organize stuff. This will give me another chance to clean out stuff I'm not using anymore and give away. I believe the Cottage Industry Co-op here in orlando is going to have a swap meet next month for crafters. I'll have to verify that to be sure. This is where you clean out your closets/drawers/baskets, etc and swap with someone else for their stuff. I think it's a great idea! Not sure what I'll find or if I'll even need something, but it will be great to get out and meet some local crafters! Stay tuned for an update!

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