28 April 2009

closet organization

full closet view
I know I showed you these photos some time ago, but I am about to redo another closet the same way and I am very excited! You know I love this organization stuff (a new career perhaps?) and I'm ready to do another. This particular closet, not the one pictured, is in need of some spackling and painting, but I'm not getting that involved. My beloved is helping me put up brackets and shelving, then I'll move and organize stuff. This will give me another chance to clean out stuff I'm not using anymore and give away. I believe the Cottage Industry Co-op here in orlando is going to have a swap meet next month for crafters. I'll have to verify that to be sure. This is where you clean out your closets/drawers/baskets, etc and swap with someone else for their stuff. I think it's a great idea! Not sure what I'll find or if I'll even need something, but it will be great to get out and meet some local crafters! Stay tuned for an update!

25 April 2009

orange theme

I made an orange themed ID lanyard the other day. I didn't realize I had so much orange! You can find this on my Etsy site too.

24 April 2009

studio cat

She has it so rough. Can you believe, she jumped up on my bench the other day, while I was soldering! Don't worry, she still has all her fur and I didn't melt what I was working on.

22 April 2009

Earth Day sale @ SoftFlexCompany

One of my favorite companies to work with, SoftFlexCompany, is having a one day sale, TODAY! Save 20% off eco-friendly Extreme Flex Wire trio! enter coupon code earth @ checkout

21 April 2009

20 April 2009

nose rings

I've been meaning to make some nose rings for awhile now. I wouldn't mind having a real nose ring, but I don't think my work would like that very much, and I don't feel inclined to wear a bandage over my nose every day to cover it. These turned out pretty good for a spur-of-the-moment, throw-something-together piece. I used some really small scrap silver wire and melted it into the ball, then I took longer scrap pieces of wire and folded that into half round rings to solder onto the silver beads. The wires vary in length from 1.5cm/2cm. The silver beads vary in size. They are all in the tumbler now getting shiny and pretty!

19 April 2009


Wolfie seems to like my chair. She sits right behind me when I'm working. If I get up to leave, she'll stretch out so she's lying across the whole thing. She's very soft and cuddly and fat and cute, she's my studio cat.

18 April 2009

Scotty update...

My boy is doing much better today. Yesterday he was trembling and shaking and he whined all night. I think he just wanted to be close to us, but he couldn't get up on the bed. He is much better today. He ate hotdogs and cheese and took his antibiotics without a problem. (It was in the hotdog, that's why.) He is underfoot constantly, but again, he just wants to be nearby. He is good company while I'm working, and he's tired. Crybaby, Wolfie-cat, is sleeping on the other chair. These animals have such a tough life here...

17 April 2009

Scotty surgery day

I'm taking a break from the regular to talk about someone special to me. Today my boy, Scotty, goes in for surgery. Minor surgery, as he has some fatty lumps that need to be removed. This isn't the first time that he has had this done, but today is a little different. There is one growth on his chest that is hard and it keeps growing. All the past ones have been fatty and mushy. Since it is hard, it is causing me some concern. I've been very happy with the veterinarians and staff at Chickasaw Trail Animal Hospital. They are all very considerate and understanding, and they love Scotty. The vet will send out the fatty tumors for biopsy and I am praying for a positive outcome. My boy is only 8, he can't leave me just yet.

15 April 2009

recycled jewelry contest winners

sorry the photo is not very big, but I had to show you this site I found. This is from the Baton Rouge government website Recycling office. It seems they had a recycled jewelry contest awhile ago. On this site it posts the pictures of the winners. Some very neat, and ingenious stuff, was posted. What I find most amazing is that this came from a government office. Now, it's not that this is not possible, or even encouraged, but I just never thought I'd see the day when a government office would hold a jewelry contest using recycled goods. A jewelry store, bead store, jewelry/bead supply store, yes; government office, no. I think it's very cool. Check it out.

13 April 2009

bench pegboard

My beloved attached for me a piece of pegboard to the back of my bench to hold stuff. It's very cool. I have hooks for tools, to hold spools of wire, and my safety goggles. Plus it keeps the wall from getting dirty and stained.

12 April 2009

ballet tree

I take Scotty to a local park so he can run and swim and chase the fish and birds. We always walk by this one particular tree, and it always reminds me of a dancer. The way it bends backwards gracefully. It reminds me of a combre back, like in ballet class. I keep thinking I should try to emulate the tree in a silver piece.

10 April 2009

heart charcoal casting

another set from the charcoal casting. I like how the ear wires on these came out as well. I soldered the ear wire back around itself and gave it a slight hammered texture. Recently tumbled so they are bright and shiny!

09 April 2009

heart charcoal casting

These are one version of a charcoal casting that I did some time ago. These earrings have solid, attached ear wires, as opposed to some others I'll show you later. I like the ear wires, the length is good and keeps the earrings secure. I was pleased with the texture of the hearts, but didn't realize at the time I dug out the pattern how heavy they would be! It's all good though.

08 April 2009

wax casting

I call this one my satellite ring. It kind of looks like a moon orbiting another planet. It's very simple, which I like, and I had fun casting it. I've put it in my tumbler to brighten it up a bit. I really like the tumbler. It does a good job and I can take care of other things while it's working.

07 April 2009

torch fork

I needed a place to put my torch, (don't we all?), and, like most of us, I'm trying to be resourceful and use what I have before I go buy something. I had this cheap fork lying around, so I decided to attach it to the bench to use it to hold my torch. I think it turned out pretty good.
I consider myself pretty handy, and it has held up for quite some time now.
and here it is, torchless. My beloved helped me with a peg board attached to the back of my bench for some of my tools. I really like it. Very handy.

06 April 2009

call for entries - Halstead Bead Jewelry business development grant

I am always on the lookout for competitions and contests. I've had such fun, and luck, with them as a child that I figure, why stop now? I came across this one while checking out the metalcyberspace website:

Halstead Bead, Inc. is calling for entries in its fourth annual Business Development Grant competition for new American jewelry designers entering the bridge jewelry trade. These design companies must focus on “bridge” jewelry which is the segment between costume jewelry and fine jewelry that includes accessories in sterling silver, semi-precious stones, crystal, freshwater pearls and other similar materials.

The Halstead Bead Business Development Grant differs from other jewelry industry competitions and awards because of its emphasis on business skills. Entrants must demonstrate not only extraordinary design, but also a strong business strategy.

Candidates must submit a design portfolio, business plan, resume and answers to several questions. Applications must be received between April 15 and June 17, 2009.

go straight to the grant page by clicking here and good luck!

05 April 2009

Chocolate and Steel giveaway

Christine over at Chocolate and Steel has a great new giveaway. A beautiful hand made pendant that reads "my heart belongs to..." very cute. I like stamped pieces, they're rough and fun. Check out her blog and read all about it!

04 April 2009

ms. mix-it-up

I'm mixing it up all over! I've rearranged, reorganized, redecorated, renewed, refreshed and all around cleaned out! Now I'm taking it to my blog! I've decided to mix it up by changing up my template. I think this one looks a little more organized and not so dark. I wanted to keep the same gray colors, to go with my name and logo, but I like the white background and the segmented blocks of information. I'm pretty pleased with it, what do you think? feel free to leave some feedback...

03 April 2009


If you don't already know, I've had my computer reformatted and lost some files, along with my office software program. I was told about OpenOffice.org, an open source alternative to Microsoft Office and other solutions that provides cross platform uniformity and essential tools for the average user. (means it should play well with others and is easy to use.) So I downloaded it until I can find my receipt and key for MS office 2007, which I paid for, and I'm interested to give it a try. I use my office software A LOT for stationery, letters, articles, papers; and I like the spreadsheets, as I've gotten very good at them, for use in keeping track of expenses. I'll let you know how it goes.

02 April 2009

Cottage industry co-op orlando

This weekend I think I'm going to take a visit to the Cottage Industry co-op near downtown Orlando. Another great small business that supports local artists. They have non-profit partners, feature local designers on their blog, and even have a yarn therapy knitting group! Cute!

01 April 2009

KITCO widget

yes kids, if you look on the sidebar I have the KITCO widget installed! If you don't know about this company, read on from their website:

Since 1977,Kitco has earned a reputation as one of the world’s premier retailers of precious metals.We offer a complete line of the highest quality bullion bars and coins for investors and refining services for the jewelry manufacturing industry, as well as mill products.
Our customers rely on Kitco for superior service and the highest quality products at competitive prices.Kitco serves the needs of both small and large investors, as well as the precious metals industry.
To serve our customer even better, our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the Internet

lots of useful information and I love the widget! They have a few others to choose from on their site, so browse around. While you're there, check out what other services they have to offer.