30 March 2009

monday, monday

I was so busy catching up this weekend, I'd really rather take the week off and finish doing stuff around the house. I was cleaning, organizing and just having another house cleansing. It's really been great, but there is so much left to do. I removed some old window film and put on some frosted window film that looks great. Gila makes some good stuff. I bought some titanium kind for the front window and it helps keep out the heat, and my utility provider will give me a credit for doing so. Nate has been busy finishing his work on the computer, which is a job in itself. He's done GREAT! I bought a new cordless keyboard and mouse, which I LOVE, and now comes the tedious task of putting everything back on the computer as to where I had it. Don't worry, I still have all my great jewelry photos, It's just getting organized again. I have half a day off tomorrow, so I'll be busy with that.
gotta get ready for work...

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