18 March 2009

ID lanyards

If you haven't heard, I made my first sale on Etsy this past week of one of my ID lanyards. This photo shows my personal one for work. I like the square beads and the lips on the blue bordered round bead near the bottom of the photo. Can you see it? I think it's funny and kind of cute. These are all unique and one of a kind. Hand made by me with a heavy duty magnetic clasp at the end. This way if the chain catches on something, it will give but you won't have beads all over the floor and you won't end up doing the carpet crawl looking for all of them to be restrung. I've been wearing mine for 3 years now and I've restrung it once to add some different beads. I don't have to worry about it getting lost or stolen, everyone knows it's mine. Yeah; colorful, bright shiny objects are my thing...

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